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Famatech Case Studies


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IT Consult Eichhofer GmbH


IT Consult Eichhofer GmbH is an IT support company founded in 1999 by specialists in IT sphere. The company quickly obtained a leading position on the market and to date IT Consult Eichhofer GmbH successfully cooperate with first-rate industrial organizations. The company provides a wide range of IT services, technology solutions and managed services to leading corporate organizations from telecommunication and banking fields to the state administration.

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Saudi Airlines Catering serves up Radmin


Saudi Airlines Catering’s priority is to produce high quality service to airline customers. Saudi Catering units located in Saudi Arabia and in Cairo (Egypt) produce and deliver freshest food in a timely manner. Catering teams of Saudi Airlines combine to ensure that the record of customer satisfaction is maintained now and in the future.

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Persia International Bank Selects Radmin


Persia International Bank PLC has two branches – one in London and another in Dubai. This banking company provides its clients with diverse services, such as deposit and saving accounts, money transfer and foreign exchange facilities.

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Radmin for Britain’s most famous Chain Store, GoOutdoors


GoOutdoors is a large chain store, specializing in retail trade. The company specializes in equipment for rest and traveling: camps, tents, GPS-navigators and rucksacks. The shops of GoOutdoors are widely-spread all over Britain. This chain store is oriented in providing its clients with high-quality clothes and equipment for camping and traveling.

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SITEL of Australia adopts Radmin


SITEL Australia specializes in telecommunication outsourcing and provides fully integrated customer care and back office processing services that focus on delivering a return of customer investments by reducing costs and increasing revenue for customers. The company specializes in customer technical support, risk management, back office processing and other services. The main mission of SITEL is providing market-ready solutions based upon the specific requirements for clients business.

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Radmin in the IT Infrastructure of Rakon Limited


Rakon Limited is a world leader in the development of high performance frequency control technology based on quartz crystals, which lie at the heart of all electronic products. Rakon designs crystal and oscillator products for unique and specific customer requirements within a wide range of industry applications. These include: Global Positioning Satellite (GPS), Wireless, Networks, Cellular, CDMA, GSM, Telecom, Radio, and Microwave. Rakon pioneered the development of oscillators capable of maintaining high levels of accuracy and unique lock-on stability in extreme environments. As a result, Rakon supplies over 50% of the frequency control devices used by the GPS industry.

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Jeddah selects Radmin


Jeddah Hilton is a part of the well-known Hilton Hotels Corporation situated in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) involved in the country’s hospitality business.

The IT department of Jeddah Hilton consists of 6 employees in2 locations. It utilizes LAN and WAN networks, over 250 desktops and 6 servers. Among operation systems there are: Novell 5.1, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Linux and IBM RS36. Windows XP operation systems are used on servers, Windows 98 SE are used on desktops. For access to the Internet specialists of Jeddah Hilton’s IT department use leased line with a speed of 1 mbps, controlled over firewall.

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ISV Foundation Selects Radmin for Theology Content Production


Dr. William Welty is the Executive Director of the ISV Foundation. He holds a Ph.D in Communications from Louisiana Baptist University. The foundation is a biblical research center, founded in 1967 as a non-profit organization. In 1995 William Welty began to redirect the foundation’s mission into that of a research center to produce an updated version of the Hebrew Old Testament text and to create a new English language translation of the Bible. In addition to his work with the ISV Foundation, Dr. Welty has been affiliated with the United Nations Global Alliance for ICT and Development (GAID), the successor to the UN's Information and Communication Technologies Task Force.

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Radmin for RPower Restaurant POS


RPower Restaurant POS was founded in 1992 and has been expanding its functionality and customer base ever since. The company produces hardware and software for restaurants. Among hardware products there are terminals, printers, cash drawers, etc. Software production of RPower Restaurant POS includes quick books, timeclock modules, and payroll services. The production of RPower Restaurant POS is widely used in restaurants all over the world.

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Radmin – the choice for Wax Digital Ltd.


Wax Digital Ltd. is one of Europe’s leading providers of on-demand purchasing and spend management solutions, accelerating the performance at every stage of the 2P2 lifecycle for some of the world’s leading companies. Wax Digital goal is to develop strategic relationships with its clients. The company’s solutions are in operation with 230,000 users across Europe and carry over ? 1 billion in trade annually.

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