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Results of Radmin Quest to celebrate SysAdmin Appreciation Day announced

The contest was held from July 25 to 29, 2014. The Quest participants were asked to work out the name, login and password for a remote computer, connect to it using Radmin, and send in the key displayed on the remote computer.

Radmin Quest launched to celebrate SysAdmin Appreciation Day

Famatech, the remote technical support software developer, offers its best wishes to all system administrators on their professional holiday and invites them to participate in a Radmin Quest.

Radmin remote control software chosen by VelvetCare

One of the largest personal care manufacturers serving Central and Eastern Europe has chosen Radmin software to support its employees remotely and enable them to work away from the office.

Advanced IP Scanner 2.3 has received a Windows 8 compatibility certificate

Famatech, the developer of popular remote support software, announced that it has passed Microsoft certification testing for Advanced IP Scanner 2.3 and has received a Windows 8 compatibility certificate, which confirms the high quality of the application and makes it possible for use with the latest Windows 8.1 operating system.

Famatech has released a new version of its free scanning tool Advanced IP Scanner 2.3

Famatech, the developer of a popular remote control software, has announced the launch of the new version of the free network scanning tool, Advanced IP Scanner.

Famatech announces the start of a special promotion for bloggers

Famatech, a Russian developer of programs for remote administration of computers, is announcing the start of a special offer aimed at bloggers.

Famatech announces release of Radmin 3.5 with Windows 8 support

Radmin remote access software is widely used to remote control company’s networks and provide technical support to users. In parallel with work on the development of Radmin 4, Famatech has released Radmin 3.5 with support for Windows 8.

Famatech wishes you happy holidays!

The Famatech team wishes you happy holidays!

Famatech launches free certification for Radmin specialists

Famatech, a remote administrator software developer, is pleased to announce the launch of its free certification for Radmin specialists.

Famatech launches beta testing of its new version of Advanced IP Scanner 2.3

Famatech company, a Russian developer of remote PC administration software, invites users to participate in the beta testing of its new version of network scanning tool, Advanced IP Scanner.

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