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Famatech and Business Software Alliance cooperate to fight against software piracy


Famatech announced it’s union with Business Software Alliance (BSA), the foremost organization, which inspects and controls the compliance in software usage.

Business Software Alliance is an international non-commercial organization aimed at defending and promoting legal software all over the world. The alliance unites the world's commercial software producers and acts in their interests.

Being one of the most popular remote control software developers, Famatech occasionally faces the problem of its intellectual property rights violation. As part of fighting against using illegitimate copies of Radmin, Famatech signed an agreement with BSA where BSA will represent Famatech’s interests in case of a breach in copyright law.

Famatech hopes that these measures will help to attract attention to the problem of software piracy and conduce to the refinement of the regulatory environment in the corporate networking area.

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