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Radmin was awarded by Windows&.Net Magazine as the best remote management tool!


September 2003

Windows&.Net magazine readers selected Remote Administrator (Radmin) as Best Remote Management Tool from a large field of contenders. The product drew accolades from readers for its ease of use, solid performance, and minuscule memory requirement.

Radmin lets administrators view and control multiple remote desktops and securely transfer files. Windows 2000 and Windows NT user-level security provides authentication, or you can use Radmin's challenge-response password authentication method. You can encrypt all remote activity with 128-bit strong encryption and randomly generated keys. An IP filter option allows remote access from authorized IP numbers or subnets.

Radmin supports TCP/IP and also runs as a service. The product's features include the ability to log users on and off remotely, shut down and restart systems remotely, send Ctrl+Alt+Del access to a system through Telnet, and passively view a remote system.

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