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This license is for companies that provide remote technical support and helpdesk services. The company's clients are not required to purchase Radmin for each of their computers receiving the remote support. Instead, the tech support/helpdesk service provider registers all of its clients by purchasing a single Help Desk license. The total cost of the helpdesk license is based on the number of clients per the table below.

Licensing terms:

  • Radmin 3 Remote Control consists of two separate modules: Radmin Server 3 (needs to be installed on the remote computer) and Radmin Viewer 3 (needs to be installed on the local computer). Only Radmin Server 3 needs to be licensed.

  • The Help Desk licensing option is for the case where Radmin Server 3 is to be installed on a number of client computers that do not belong to but are remotely serviced by a help desk service provider.

  • The help desk provider is responsible to use his best efforts to ensure compliance by customers and employees with the terms of the Help Desk End User License provided with the Radmin Server installation package.

  • Radmin Viewer 3 should be installed on one or several of your computers used by your help desk staff. Radmin Viewer 3 is free of charge and can be used on any number of computers.

Helpdesk Pricing and Ordering:


Helpdesk licensing starts at $33 per license with 50 licenses minimum. You can see the price scale below:

Radmin 3 Remote Control - Help Desk Pricing

License ID Price, USD ($) Order
Radmin 3 - Help Desk license [50-99 licenses] 300297882 $33
per PC
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Radmin 3 - Help Desk license [100-199 licenses] 300297882 $28
per PC
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Radmin 3 - Help Desk license [from 200 licenses] contact us $24 and under
per PC
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