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Welcome to Famatech's Partner Portal!

Here registered partners can access news, download price lists and marketing materials, participate in training courses, and order advertising materials about Radmin.

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If you are a registered Famatech reseller you can order Famatech Products online with your reseller discount.

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Our Partner Programs


It's easy to become a partner of Famatech and to profitably sell Radmin. Simply select the appropriate program and join us!

Radmin is the remote control solution for helpdesks and businesses with networks of any size from small LANs to corporate WANs having tens of thousands of workstations. Radmin is employed in commercial enterprises, educational institutions and governmental departments.

We focus our reseller program on companies delivering software to end users. Partner programs give each participant the opportunity to profit at selling Radmin.

Advantages of the Reseller Program:

  • Purchase Radmin at 20% off the end user prices.
  • Simplicity and transparency of our accounting.
  • Operational experience with companies of different levels and size.
  • Technical and marketing support.
  • High quality and competitiveness of product.
  • Proven profitability.

How do I become a Reseller?
Radmin has more than 16 million users worldwide.

The main purpose of the affiliate partner program is an opportunity to earn commissions through each Famatech software sale coming through your website.

Advantages of our Affiliate Program:

  • 20% from each sale from your site.
  • No initial expenses.
  • Simple accounting.
  • Marketing materials supplied.
  • High quality product.

How do I become an Affiliate?
Note We are happy to discuss your offer. If you have additional questions regarding our partner program, please contact us using our Feedback Form.
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