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Famatech E-store - Reseller's Guide



  1. Authorization
  2. Adding licenses to shopping cart
  3. Placing an order
  4. Order payment and license key delivery

1. Authorization

To start placing an order in our E-store, please open the Licenses catalog. If you are not authorized yet, enter your login and password in "Authorization" block (at the left) and click the "Login" button (pic.1).

Pic. 1. Authorization on Licenses catalog page.

When you're logged in your name will be displayed in "Authorization" block (pic.2). The prices in the catalog are shown including reseller discount. Authorized reseller can order any type of license including volume, Help Desk and educational licenses.

Pic. 2. Display of discount values to the authorized reseller.

2. Adding licenses to shopping cart

Click "Add to cart" button and then "Number of items in your shopping cart" link at the top of the page to add the license to the shopping cart, or click "Buy" button to add the license and open the cart. To start ordering click "Check out" button.

3. Placing an order

When placing the first order in our E-store you will have to enter your company name and billing information (pic.3). At the next orders you can use your data saved to your profile (pic.4) and enter only data for the future Radmin license owner:

  1. License to (client's name or company name)
  2. E-mail (license key will be e-mailed to this address, usually reseller's e-mail)
  3. Client e-mail (contact e-mail of Radmin user, license key is NOT delivered to this address)
  4. Client info (additional information about Radmin user: full company name, address, ets.)

Pic. 3. Entering billing information with the first order.

Pic. 4. Entering Radmin license owner data.

4. Order payment and license key delivery

Check data you've entered and click "Confirm order". When we receive the order, Radmin license key will be issued and delivered to you by e-mail. If you entered your e-mail for delivery, please resend the key to the client.

Information on the current status of your orders is available at "My orders" page. If you noticed a mistake or would like to change order item, you can cancel the order and make a new one.

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