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Global Channel Alliance


Famatech and SmartLine Announce the Global Channel Alliance.

Famatech International Corporation and SmartLine Inc have entered into the Global Channel Alliance in early 2007. The Global Channel Alliance was formed as a result of the channel partnership between Famatech and SmartLine since 2001.

Famatech's resellers automatically become registered resellers of SmartLine and vice versa. Standard reseller discount of Famatech and SmartLine may vary.

Many resellers of Radmin also feature DeviceLock products since SmartLine companies have a significant percentage of common customers. The Global Channel Alliance was designed for delivering a better value to the end-users by leveraging the experience of resellers of Radmin and DeviceLock.

Resellers can use their Famatech Reseller ID and password to order both products based on appropriate discounts. If you would like to sell DeviceLock, simply visit To order SmartLine products you can log in with the ID and a password like you order Radmin.

About DeviceLock


DeviceLock is known to be the best software on the market that controls access to corporate USB devices. DeviceLock provides network administrators with the ability to control end-users’ access to external devices such as floppy discs, serial and parallel ports, Magneto-Optical disks, CD-ROMs, ZIPs, USBs, FireWire, Infrared, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc. on their local computer.

DeviceLock is the device control solution that protects your network computers against attack from the inside.

For more information on DeviceLock please visit

If you have any questions regarding DeviceLock, please e-mail your inquiries to

If you have any question regarding Famatech's Global Channel Alliance with Devicelock, please contact us using our Feedback Form.

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