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We are using RAdmin since a couple of years in our Call Center to help our agents and to save time, when there are problems. But also our computer department loves your products.
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Radmin 3 Remote Control Software - How It Works


You view the remote computer's screen on your own monitor either in a window or full screen. All your mouse movements and keyboard signals are transferred directly to the remote computer. You work on the remote computer just as if it were right there in front of you. You can remotely access the same computer from multiple places and use advanced file transferring, text and voice chats, remote shutdown, Telnet and other useful features.

Remote Access to Computer with Radmin - Connection Scheme

Radmin 3 consists of two modules:

Radmin Viewer 3

The Viewer module (Radmin Viewer)

Radmin Server 3

The Server module (Radmin Server)

Radmin Viewer needs to be installed on the local computer (for example your home PC or notebook) which you want to use to access your remote computer. Radmin Server needs to be installed on the remote computer (for example your office PC) which you want to access from your own one.

How to use Radmin 3 for remote access to computer

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To get started you need to run Radmin Server on the remote computer. Then run Radmin Viewer on your local computer. Both computers should be connected to the Internet or a LAN (Local Area Network).

Step 1:

Download and Install Radmin Server on the remote PC

Download Radmin Server 3.5. Execute rserv35.msi and follow the on-screen instructions.

Step 2:

Download and Install Radmin Viewer on the local PC

Download Radmin Viewer 3.5. Execute rview35.msi and follow the on-screen instructions.

Step 3:

Configure Radmin Server on the remote PC

Right Click on the Radmin Server tray icon and choose "Settings For Radmin Server". Select the "Permissions" button to set the password for network access to the Radmin Server. You must know the IP address of your remote computer. To know it move your mouse pointer over the Radmin Server tray icon. It will show you the IP address. Now your Radmin Server is ready for starting the remote access connection.

Remote Desktop Screenshot - Radmin Tray Icon
Radmin Tray Icon
Remote Access Settings for Radmin Server
Settings For Radmin Server

Radmin Server Permissions for Secure Remote Access
Permissions for Radmin Server: Radmin Security

Step 4:

Run Radmin Viewer on the local computer

From the Start menu click on "Radmin Viewer", create a new connection and enter the IP address of the remote computer. Then select your connection type and press "Connect". Enter the password you already set on the remote PC and enjoy working remotely!

Radmin Viewer for Remote Access - Main Window
Main Window
Remote Access to Computer - New Connection
New Connection
Radmin Viewer 3  - Remote Desktop under Windows Vista
Remote Desktop under Windows Vista
Radmin Viewer 3 - Remote Desktop: Menu
Remote Desktop: Menu

Radmin 3.5

Windows 8 Compatible


Free for 30 days


Only $49 per lifetime license
for  50 PCs - $29.8 per remote PC
for 100 PCs - $24.9 per remote PC
for 150 PCs - $23.3 per remote PC
from 200 PCs - $22 per remote PC
For instructions on how to install Radmin 3 read the Installation Guide.
Radmin software provide high performance remote access solutions for: Remote access solutions
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