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Super product! I've been using it for years and thoroughly enjoy it. The combination of remote control and file transfer are excellent.
Lee Douglas
Recruiting for pharmaceutical companies



Radmin Remote Access Software - Testimonials


Here are some of the many letters sent to us by our users. These are unsolicited user opinions about Radmin and represent only a fraction of the many testimonials we receive weekly.

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"Had a user complaining he wasn't receiving some e-mails. Used Radmin to check servers, logs, etc. and everything was normal. Used Radmin to connect to user's desktop to find he had setup a rule in Outlook to delete all high-priority e-mails. We still joke with the user about this months later".

Dave McNeal
ITW Drawform


"We sell the product to IT Professional. Once they have used it and see how easy it is to deploy and implement, they buy it and recommend it to all of there associates".

Mickey Kieffer
System Administrator


"Your product is wonderful. Although Windows XP's Remote Assistance works great once I'm connected to a user, I was fed up with the time I spent initiating and generating the connection. Once we tried Radmin, I was anxious to convince my supervisor to approve the purchase of licensing for every computer on our network. Now that we finally have Radmin, I no longer dread having to connect to a remote user to offer support."

Christine Holly
Client Support Analyst
George's, Inc.


"I have been using netmeeting (from home) to keep tabs on a backup server at work for a long time. Once I tried Radmin, and set the refresh to 1000 per sec, I was able to get a faster response than netmeeting had _ever_ provided. I'd rather pay for such a great product than use a the free netmeeting - and I just did."

Joseph Pippin
Network Administrator
Systems Contractors, Inc


"Really awesome speed working remotely (which I do daily). Radmin works at the same speed as if I were at my desk (at least I don't notice the difference). I can multi-task with several programs (ACT, Outlook, Word, Peachtree) on XP Pro at the same Very impressive and makes working remotely for my business extremely efficient and best of all - no frustration - now I enjoy working remotely."

Richard L. Stepkin
Occupational Audiologist, President
Enviromed Corp


"I am a school teacher with a 17 station network in my classroom. I do not know if I could administer my network without Remote Administrator. I can monitor each computer in the class to protect the kids from going to inappropriate places on the internet. I can keep the kids from messing with the system tools. I can upload, download and install files on each computer right from my desk. I can help the students with their work and remain at my desk so I can monitor the rest of the classroom. I can reboot or turn off each machine right from my desk. The list goes on and on.
Another benefit of Remote Administrator is the low overhead. Many of the machines in my class are old, with slow speed and low memory. Remote Administrator takes very little memory or hard drive space, yet gives me the same control that bigger programs do. Anyway, thanks for a great program."

Frank Schneemann
Bonita Vista High School
Chula Vista, Ca


As a computer consultant, I am constantly on the lookout for ways to help my customers. Previously I have been using pcAnywhere for remote access. However with Windows2000 and XP, the video performance from that program has made it all but unusable. There is typically a 2-3 second delay before typed characters show on the screen, and this was with it set to only 16 colors. I just downloaded your software Radmin and was absolutely amazed. The speed was astounding. Even with full color, the performance was just like being there. Installation and configuration was straightforward and the file transfer was very easy to use. Congratulations on your excellent product and I'm glad to be able to offer such an affordable solution to my clients.


The program is really excellent and the file transfer facility an absolute Godsend. Thank you very much for helping me do my support job so easily.


I'm glad you are working on Radmin and adding enhancements. But, please be aware that one of the main reasons we purchased Radmin, (as I'm sure many other companies did also) was because of Radmin's "lightness". It wasn't loaded down with 10 megabytes worth of whistles, bells, and tricks that only one out of 100 users would actually use. Please keep it light and fast, if I had wanted all the whistles and bells and the weight and slowness that accompany them, I could have went with any other package on the market. Your lightness and speed is what sells your product, not features.


I received the registration key for one license of Remote Administrator 2.1. Before I installed this copy of Remote Administrator I had been using PCAnywhere. But I found Your Remote Administrator a much more powerful tool than that program. Thank You very much for giving me the possibilities to use this software.

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Radmin 3.5

Windows 8 Compatible


Free for 30 days


Only $49 per lifetime license
for  50 PCs - $29.8 per remote PC
for 100 PCs - $24.9 per remote PC
for 150 PCs - $23.3 per remote PC
from 200 PCs - $22 per remote PC
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