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I love radmin. I have been using it for years.
Patrick Forrester
Software Developer
VirtualBoss Inc. Scheduling software



Radmin Remote Access Software - Testimonials


Here are some of the many letters sent to us by our users. These are unsolicited user opinions about Radmin and represent only a fraction of the many testimonials we receive weekly.

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"I just wanted to give a shout out as Radmin's TELNET feature is really helping me support my clients who became victims of harmful processes (fake antivirus screens etc.), that disable Windows's ‘task manger’ and even the ‘command prompt’ among other things. This makes stopping whatever service or app from running just about impossible.. At the desktop, I literally have my hands tied.. If I could just get to a prompt I could use Window's tasklist and taskkill commands. But they can't be accessed via' the compromised desktop.

Enter Radmin's TELNET. While remoted into the a user's desktop, I open a second connection with Telnet. Issue the tasklist command. Locate the offending executable and note it's process number. Then simply type ‘taskkill /f /pid xxxx’. ShaZamm! What has taken over the user's desktop is stopped dead in its tracks. Freeing me up to switch to the desktop and use Task manager etc.

It seems simple now, but I never thought of working from behind the scenes. It even works when the user's pc is apparently jammed or balled up.. seemingly frozen or consumed with one program. I look for the offending task and kill or stop whatever it is…

I'm sure that you have clients that, like me, have yet to use this technique. To simply use Radmin to get out of various jams. And not only just to access a desktop remotely. Or said another way, I use Radmin as much for remote control as I do for bailing a computers out of trouble when access to the desktop has been compromised. When the desktop is no longer usable."

Randy Rasmussen
Long Beach, Ca.


Spiro Angeli, Sirius Hotel "...I often time administer servers/workstations or work on software that runs on remote PCs. Microsoft Remote Access Desktop is not so comfortable when it comes to speed and response time and really makes you feel away from the PC. After Google research I found Radmin being the only application that really makes me feel like "in front of the physical PC." As always, there are features I would like to see in the upcoming releases, like the clipboard management between local and remote PC, and few others features. Overall, I would highly recommend it. Moreover, contrary to TeamViewer (as an example) I am able to purchase Radmin in small quantities especially for those small businesses where let's say only need 3 licenses."

Spiro Angeli
Sirius Hotel


Use it to Transfer Files "Radmin server and client: works great! I use it to transfer files I am working on at the university to my home computer each afternoon and then I transfer updated files from home back to my university computer. I use it at least once a day. It is much more direct than copying files onto a USB drive (especially if I were to forget to copy an important file)."

F. James Rohlf
Stony Brook University


Radmin is Easy to Use to Access PC Remotely "Radmin is pretty useful, and easy to use. The IP scanner also."

A.T. Duijff
Duijff en Hunneman


Software developers Use Radmin Remote Administrator "I love radmin. I have been using it for years."

Patrick Forrester
Software Developer
VirtualBoss Inc. Scheduling software


Businessmen Use Radmin for Remote Access "Radmin is a wonderful product."

Julio Ernesto Guardia Romani
Business man
AGE Systems


Company Owner Uses Radmin to Help Agents Remotely "We are using RAdmin since a couple of years in our Call Center to help our agents and to save time, when there are problems. But also our computer department loves your products: the IP-Scanner is a very helpful tool for our technicians, when they are working in customer networks. We are happy to use your software!!"

Gerhard K. Hammermueller
Company Owner
Office Competence Center, Wiener Neustadt, Austria


Radmin is a Solution for Remote Client Support "We support clients throughout New Zealand - including some exceptionally remote locations down the bottom of the South Island that would be too cold and too difficult to visit. Radmin is simple and efficient, and much easier than mucking around with VPN, Zywall etc."

Jon Donald
Amtrax Ltd


I read you will offer Radmin for free to people with disabilities. I highly commend you on this progressive action.

I have a spinal cord injury resulting in paralysis and as a result spend a few more hours in bed than I would otherwise because I need people to help me to bed and if I stayed up as late as I wanted they would probably not help me! So, I go to bed with unfinished computer business but with Radmin I can keep working on my desktop from my laptop as long as I want. This has helped me immensely.

Radmin is so stable and it's the best solution I have used for remote access. I look forward to further improvements I read about on your support section.

Personally, I will happily continue to pay for Radmin because I can but I know others less able to do so than me will really appreciate your action.

Garry Bartsch


I just wanted to let you know that this is just simply a great product. For a small business it saves so much time not requiring one to go from PC to PC to trouble shoot, run various programs, helping with customer questions and more. Thank you.

Clarke Smith


Your software "Radmin" is brilliant!  For a longtime I have been looking for something that exactly meets my needs. My work colleagues recommended Radmin as excellent remote control software. I downloaded the trial version and it met all my requirements. You've done a terrific job! Without any hesitation I purchased my Radmin license. I have seen no other remote access software with such ease of use, simplicity and support for multiple languages.

Markus Springer


"I have tried almost of remote control softwares, and have also tried remote desktop of windows7. Radmin is the best of all."

Hiroyuki Katsuda
Science and Mathematics Education Ins.


"The evolution of Radmin has truly been amazing and you have developed a great product. Radmin is the single product I use for al remote connections."

Duncan Chalmers
Mining Education


"We've been using Radmin for a couple of years now. It is a great utility. It comes in handy when helping users across campus. That way we can view the problems the user is experiencing without physically having to be there."

Bob Shimmin
Network Technician
Bakersfield College


"I love it. I have only had it for a couple of months so I am just now really liking this product. I especially like transferring files. I also like having full control of the remote computer. Many thanks for the product..."

Dianne Herrin
Office Administrator
Family Christian Counselor Services


"Radmin - Excellent product that is fast and reliable."

John Gill


"Hi, I'm using Radmin 3.3 a perfect product, it's fast, stable easy to use and good secured! Also the tool for distributing radmin server fully configured to the server and activating the license true the Radmin Activation Server is a good solution. I can say only one thing "Keep on developing this way" Even the communication to your customers is very good! Thanks for let me buying Radmin!"

Anroy Vlug


"Radmin from version 3.x is one of the best solutions for remote desktops. Don't have many functions, but is absolutely easy to use and very fast. Speed of connection is amazing. And is in Czech language!"

Leos Verner
system administrator
Krkonosske vapenky Kuncice, a.s.


"I have had very good success in using the Radmin remote control software. It is very straight forward and FAST!! Thanks for a great product."

Dean Conrad
prof. photographer
Photography by Dean, Inc.


"Radmin. Good product great features. Fast service center response."

Alex Beck
Dipl. Ing. Inf. ETH
SW development


"Excellent software fast and responsive. Have had no problems with it."

Micheal Hall
I.T Manager
St John Of God Health Care


"I've been using Radmin for 2 years to connect to my company pc from my home laptop. With Radmin I don't need to carry a company supplied laptop back and forth which I consider a big plus."

Linda Callabresi
Honeywell, Inc


"Radmin is the best remote control utility I've ever used. I have certain clients that mandate VNC, but it is far inferior! Additionally, Remote Desktop doesn't compare. Radmin is the only option."

Greg Girton
Telecommunications Consulting
Unified Business Communications, Inc.


"All three software are Good and Usable. Thank You for all your efforts."

AL Kanakri
MIS Manager
AFA Industries Inc.


"I use Radmin to monitor and fix workstation issues while I am on the road traveling. The thing I like about it is that the user and I can look at the screen together so they can help me identify what a particular problem is. This is a great product and we have several licenses."

Alan Armstrong
Power Component Sales Inc


"Radmin is the main support tool I use for remote support of my small business clients. It works great - is quick and secure - and gives me the control I need to handle most all PC issues remotely. I could not be profitable in my business without this tool. I've also got a client using it as remote desktop access for mutlimontor PC applications in a remote office with great success."

Doug Nies
KCND Enterprises


"Awesome products, I have used Radmin, IP Scanner and have had no issues with them."

Reed Creations


"Radmin is excellent for me. My work own me to travel so much"

Jose Luis Revah
Fundacion Cono Sur


"Super product! I've been using it for years and thoroughly enjoy it. The combination of remote control and file transfer are excellent."

Lee Douglas
Recruiting for pharmaceutical companies


"Your product is very easy to use and deploy. We use it to support 250 restaurants across the US."

Mike Carpenter
Managere Restaurant Systems Operation
VICORP Restaurants, Inc


"We have been using Radmin for many years now. Since Famatech took over the software, we have seen significant growth in the upgrades and reliability. We use this software throughout our entire company and depend on it heavily. We love what Famatech is doing with the software and look forward to what they do with it going forward. Thank you!"

Christie Lamoreaux
Network Administrator
ALP Lighting Components


"Great Products I don't have problems, just results..."

Steve Bilby
Bilby Const Co. Inc.


"I have run radmin for a long time now and i like it. A really happy with the new centralized deployment tool. Please continue on develop this."

Stefan Wiberg


"I have used Radmin for about 5 yrs now, and am very please with the product. The introduction of Intel AMT support is great and will be a great asset when I upgrade my workstations hardware."

Ken MacDonald
Network Administrator
Canadian Coast Guard


"Use primarily (everyday and then some!!!) Radmin and use IP Scanner fairly frequently and Port Scanner occasionally. Radmin is one of my most used programs."

Peter Cummings
Network Manager
Peter Cummings


"It works and the ability to use 2 screens both ends is excellent."

Andrew Swallow
Swallow Financial


"I am an ICT consultant that supports many diverse clients. I previously had to travel all over and in many cases to solve very simple problems. I started using remote desktop applications from different vendors but was more frustrated with the functionality, security and speed especially with the bandwidth restrictions in my country. After discovering Radmin 2.1, remote support has become very feasible and a pleasure. The enhancements with the Radmin 3 release has made it an indispensable tool in my ICT arsenal no matter whom I support or where in the world they are situated. No other vendor product can remotely (pardon the pun) compare with Radmin."

Henry Smith
ICT Business Consultant


"Radmin 3 is an essential tool for our IT department, enhancing our work by providing instant access to our Windows servers (including Windows 2008 Server) and allowing remote assistance on remote XP/Vista workstations through our VPN. Some of us even use it at home (the Viewer can also be run on Wine!). Just a great piece of software with unmatched remote control performance!"

Williams Jaozafy
IT Manager
The Maia Institute


"Radmin is a very good and useful product. It helps a lot in solving realtime and the actual problems users are facing. Excellent. IP Scanner is also very good product. It helps to find easily the available IP computer names."

Karen Martirosyan
Diananet LLC


"We have been using Radmin for years and can not imagine PC support without it."

Skip Parmer
Technology Consulting Analyst
The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company


"Radmin User I've used a number of Remote Control programs over the years, but Radmin is the best by far, and is my program of choice when supporting new customers."

Dave Nation
Excelsior Systems Ltd


"In the pass I had used many other remote administration software, but by far yours is the fastest and secure. Our technical support has been improved 300% which give us more time to focus in other issues."

Ricardo Varilias


"Good does a great job"

Lakshmiu Narayanan
Support Manager
Antivirus & Firewall trouble shooting


"RADMIN, is an excellent product to view my personal network. I can view the productivity of the people. Very fast to learn. Very happy with this solution"

Alfonso Caballero
project coordinator
Services for manage information


"I've been using Radmin since version 2 to remotely administer 5 Client networks. Currently using ver 3 and it's fantastic. Have never had problems either in the setup or use of the product. The File Transfer feature is great when I have major application updates. I download on my office PC, and transfer to the Clients server. Logoff, then go Full Control to install the update...it's like I'm sitting there. My Clients range from Accountants to Mortgage Brokers and they both have regular updates...the Accountants, weekly during tax season. I used to have to run down every time a tax table got updated. Now I log during the evening when they have gone home and in the morning, their tax tables are up to date. The Mortgage Clients get quarterly updates which I now install remotely. What a time saver for me and my Clients. They no longer have to wait till I can schedule a visit. The response time and graphics has improved dramatically since the early days....it's almost like sitting in front of the server. Great product...recommend it to any IT professional that requires remote access to the Client's network."

Wayne E. Asam Sr.
Computer Shack, LLC


"I have known Radmin for many years in my work for the University of Copenhagen. We started with the version 2 in 2001, and we have been very happy with it, especially after we upgraded to the version 3"

Morten Drost
University of Copenhagen (Denmark)


"I would just like to thank you for your wonderful product. Fast, efficient, feature packed, customisable – everything that modern IT software tends not to be nowadays. Having trialled Remote Adminstrator 2.1 and onwards over the years, the software sells itself and really speaks for itself."

Paul Bassetti
Systems Administrator
Learning Links


"Radmin v3.01 has been working very well and is a great piece of software to remote manage computers in site offices. Of all the remote control software I have tried it is certainly the best and most reliable."

Chris Grummitt
Managing Director
Cullen Grummitt & Roe Group


"I felt the need to e-mail you to thank you for creating such a wonderful product which I have been using for about a year. After years of using PCAnywhere, I became frustrated with the slow, draggy remote desktop speeds I was getting, even on the fastest connection. After installing your free trial, I could not believe just how quickly your remote desktop works. I can work from home during the week if I need to, without the feeling of actually working remotely since the connection speed with Radmin is lightning fast. I also catch up on projects from home every weekend using Radmin, without the need to physically be in front of my workstation at the office. Since finding your product, I have recommended it to everyone and anyone I know who needs a remote desktop solution. Not only is your product the most superior I have found for remote desktop, but it is also the cheapest at only $50.00 (especially compared to PCAnywhere!). I feel the only reason PCAnywhere is so popular is Symantec has deep marketing pockets - it surely isn't because they have a great product. I know that once people try your product, they will never turn back - I surely haven't.

Thanks again for this software - probably the best $50.00 I have ever spent!"

Adam Walder


"Radmin has been a blessing for our remote users. It is much faster and easier to use than PcAnywhere".

Clayton Neilson
County of Santa Barbara Sheriff's Department


"We have been using Radmin for over three years and found it to be by far the best remote access / remote control application around.

Originally we trialled four different applications with varing levels of success, a number either killed the machine during install, or worse during un-install.

Radmin was also found the best product when wanting to co-habit with other applications.

The real power comes in Radmin by providing not just remote access to a machines desktop with 128-bit encryption standard, but also remote file access/transfer, a remote telnet type console access, and remote shutdown/reboot option.

No, we don't have shares in Radmin, just very impressed with a great product.

Radmin have also provided a good level of support when problems have been reported.

Highly recommended."

Andrew Butler
System Administrator


"I used before another remote control product (PC anywhere) and was not satisfied at all.

Upon advice of a friend I tried out Radmin and adopted it".

Andre Gotlieb
Insurance Broker


"I do use Radmin to control a server remotely. I've tried other solutions (PC Anywhere and the built-in Windows Remote Desktop feature), but I prefer Radmin’s simplicity, small memory footprint, and reliability".

Greg Bredthauer


"I use Radmin to control servers and workstations one at a time".

Melvin Madrid
System Administrator


"With Radmin I effectively help my relatives’ to solve problems with their PCs".

Reinhard Arens
System Administrator


"I installed a copy of Radmin and every time I connected to the remote computer and it did not at all look, as if I was working on the other computer".

Spurgeon Green
Network System Administrator


"With Radmin I help my friends to become familiar with the work of PC".

Andreas Lamton


"I connect to local host with Radmin ... and forget I’m on another computer".

Christos Koystas


"Radmin is seriously great software. However, I will tell you that from what I've been able to do with the earlier v2.2, Radmin is, arguably, the most important and effective tool of its kind available today anywhere at any price"

William Welty
CEO of ISV Foundation


"I simply run Radmin over this one port (via the typical SSH port) and have full control and file transfer of the remote Windows server. This beats simple SSH by a mile".

John Gerke
System Administrator
U.S. Geological Survey


"Had a user complaining he wasn't receiving some e-mails. Used Radmin to check servers, logs, etc. and everything was normal. Used Radmin to connect to user's desktop to find he had setup a rule in Outlook to delete all high-priority e-mails. We still joke with the user about this months later".

Dave McNeal
ITW Drawform


"We sell the product to IT Professional. Once they have used it and see how easy it is to deploy and implement, they buy it and recommend it to all of there associates".

Mickey Kieffer
System Administrator


"Your product is wonderful. Although Windows XP's Remote Assistance works great once I'm connected to a user, I was fed up with the time I spent initiating and generating the connection. Once we tried Radmin, I was anxious to convince my supervisor to approve the purchase of licensing for every computer on our network. Now that we finally have Radmin, I no longer dread having to connect to a remote user to offer support."

Christine Holly
Client Support Analyst
George's, Inc.


"I have been using netmeeting (from home) to keep tabs on a backup server at work for a long time. Once I tried Radmin, and set the refresh to 1000 per sec, I was able to get a faster response than netmeeting had _ever_ provided. I'd rather pay for such a great product than use a the free netmeeting - and I just did."

Joseph Pippin
Network Administrator
Systems Contractors, Inc


"Really awesome speed working remotely (which I do daily). Radmin works at the same speed as if I were at my desk (at least I don't notice the difference). I can multi-task with several programs (ACT, Outlook, Word, Peachtree) on XP Pro at the same Very impressive and makes working remotely for my business extremely efficient and best of all - no frustration - now I enjoy working remotely."

Richard L. Stepkin
Occupational Audiologist, President
Enviromed Corp


"I am a school teacher with a 17 station network in my classroom. I do not know if I could administer my network without Remote Administrator. I can monitor each computer in the class to protect the kids from going to inappropriate places on the internet. I can keep the kids from messing with the system tools. I can upload, download and install files on each computer right from my desk. I can help the students with their work and remain at my desk so I can monitor the rest of the classroom. I can reboot or turn off each machine right from my desk. The list goes on and on.
Another benefit of Remote Administrator is the low overhead. Many of the machines in my class are old, with slow speed and low memory. Remote Administrator takes very little memory or hard drive space, yet gives me the same control that bigger programs do. Anyway, thanks for a great program."

Frank Schneemann
Bonita Vista High School
Chula Vista, Ca


As a computer consultant, I am constantly on the lookout for ways to help my customers. Previously I have been using pcAnywhere for remote access. However with Windows2000 and XP, the video performance from that program has made it all but unusable. There is typically a 2-3 second delay before typed characters show on the screen, and this was with it set to only 16 colors. I just downloaded your software Radmin and was absolutely amazed. The speed was astounding. Even with full color, the performance was just like being there. Installation and configuration was straightforward and the file transfer was very easy to use. Congratulations on your excellent product and I'm glad to be able to offer such an affordable solution to my clients.


The program is really excellent and the file transfer facility an absolute Godsend. Thank you very much for helping me do my support job so easily.


I'm glad you are working on Radmin and adding enhancements. But, please be aware that one of the main reasons we purchased Radmin, (as I'm sure many other companies did also) was because of Radmin's "lightness". It wasn't loaded down with 10 megabytes worth of whistles, bells, and tricks that only one out of 100 users would actually use. Please keep it light and fast, if I had wanted all the whistles and bells and the weight and slowness that accompany them, I could have went with any other package on the market. Your lightness and speed is what sells your product, not features.


I received the registration key for one license of Remote Administrator 2.1. Before I installed this copy of Remote Administrator I had been using PCAnywhere. But I found Your Remote Administrator a much more powerful tool than that program. Thank You very much for giving me the possibilities to use this software.


I would like to tell you personally how much your remote admin tool has increased my productivity in the office as well as performing tech support for remote users. You have greatly reduced my time on a support phone calls. Thank you very much for making such a useful and reliable tool.


I am so pleased to have bought Remote Administrator. As of now, I'm only running on a small home network for my own use, but it works great. I did like the old version that had no Remote Administrator tray icon, but the new features you have implemented more than make up for that. It is really refreshing to see an "up and coming" company, producing such good quality software, with very minimal problems.
Thanks for your product, and the reasonable price!


Been evaluating V2 of Radmin and am very impressed. A few nice new features, and some of the wish-list items we had wanted have been added (without even telling you what we wanted).
This software is in my "hall of fame" with XTREE, WINZIP and EDITPLUS. Well done again!!


No problem with the delay. I used to develop software myself. It is better to send it out right and apologize for the delay, then to send it with problems and apologize forever.
Keep up the good work. Again, great tool!


I just wanted to say: Great tool. Does just the right thing. Nothing more, nothing less.


I'm a Windows NT supervisor on a large enterprise network. I'm very impressed by the options and even more the performance of RemoteAdmin!


I've been asked to research the remote access possibilities on our network. As far as I can see now (I'm 90% ready with my research) it will be a Lanrover to connect and RemoteAdmin for remote control on top of it...


For your information: I have been testing around with PCAnywhere, WinVNC, Netop and ControlIT. So far WinVNC is too slow, and the others have a lot of options which we don't need. The security for dial-in and dial-back will be provided by the Lanrover.


I've downloaded your program today and it seems to go very well, faster than my actual rc program (VNC). I must do some other test using NT and WIN98/95, but I'm very impressed!


Dear Sir:
I am a teacher in Yanshan University in Hebei province, China. We will create a Network Laboratory. And I want to use your software - Remote Administrator v1.1 as flat roof -C coach and watch process of student testing in lab.
Your software is very good. It is easy using and high performance. We want get its free register code very much. And let more people know the software - Remote Administrator -C is very good. Our students and we will thank you very much.


Great tool! I've been testing it for the last 3 days and it is lightening fast ! My best compliments.


...Thanks again for an EXCELLENT (11 marks out of 10) piece of software. We had tried VNC in the past, but Radmin is far superior. Thanks again!!


Hello PCWorld WAN/LAN editors,

I've been waiting for you folks do to a comparison between a couple of remote control software applications for some time. Since I haven't seen it or must have missed it (I don't think so) ... I have done my own comparison and was amazed at what I found. I am not affiliated with any of the following products in any way...

You need to compare the following for speed, reliability, stability, compatibility, ease of use and cost.... etc.

Test over standard modem to modem, LAN, and a PPTP VPN over the WWW Radmin V2.01, PcAnywhere V9.02, LapLink Gold, VNC and Citrix Metaframe. The pricing on these range from $0 (VNC), $35 Shareware (Radmin), to several thousand for a complete Citrix solution.

My comparision was triggered buy the speed and instability of the most well known and widely used product of the group.

I tested all 5 products mentioned above. I won't tell you the overall results of what I came up with..... but .... you really need to include Radmin in your comparison.

I had never heard of Radmin and have never seen it in a major PC magazine. I stumbled onto it while searching the WEB. Your can download the tiny 1.5mb software package and test it for 30 days from http://www.famatech.com/

Once again... I have no affiliation with any of the mentioned products. I was just looking for the best product for my clients daily remote networking needs.


Craig Cantrell
PC Consultant


"I used Radmin at a previous company. It allows us to more efficiently solve end-user PC problems".

Eric Silverman
System Administrator
Signature Senior Living


"Radmin has saved us countless amounts of time that we would have to go to a desktop for a help call. Rebooting servers remotely is also a great plus. Having a file transfer when you are already working at remote server is great also.

This program its worth its weight wouldn’t think twice about purchasing it again".

Walter Birney
System Administrator
Michigan State University


"Radmin provides an ease of use and a high standard of encryption for use when I need to support key servers from off site locations and it is largely this factor along with its lower connection drop incidence that justify its cost".

Dave Steer
System Administrator
St Clare Hospice

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Radmin 3.5

Windows 8 Compatible


Free for 30 days


Only $49 per lifetime license
for  50 PCs - $29.8 per remote PC
for 100 PCs - $24.9 per remote PC
for 150 PCs - $23.3 per remote PC
from 200 PCs - $22 per remote PC
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