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Radmin 3 Remote Control Software - Text and Voice Chat


Text chat, Voice chat and Send message modes were developed to enhance communication with a remote user. Those features are useful for helpdesk services, online conferences and communication between colleagues.

Coordination with the operator of a remote computer is a common task for tutors, who train others to use software, for helpdesk specialists, or for users who need to find files on their colleagues’ computers.

Radmin 3.0 - Text Chat ModeText Chat Mode

Radmin 3.0 - Text Chat Main Window
Text Chat Main Window

Text Chat enables users to exchange text messages in real time. You can initiate enterprise-wide meetings, conferences and debates. In Text Chat mode you can hold private discussions as well as multi-user discussions. Channels may be freely entered or protected with a password. Secure private chat between two users is also possible.

Radmin 3.0 - Voice Chat ModeVoice Chat Mode

As long as you have a microphone and speakers or a headset, you can use your computer for personal and conference calls via Voice Chat. Just like Text Chat mode, Voice Chat provides a common General channel and multiple user-created channels. Once connected, a user can immediately start speaking and be heard by all who are joined to the General channel.

Radmin 3.0 - Voice Chat Main Window
Voice Chat Main Window

When creating a new channel, you can set passwords (user password and operator password) for your channel, as well as the channel type (public or conference). A conference channel is suitable for virtual meetings, discussions, briefings and other tasks of corporate and mobile users. Likewise in Text Chat mode, you can start a private voice conversation with another user.

Radmin Communication Client 3.0 - SecuritySend Message Mode

Sometimes you only need to notify a remote user with few-words sentence, so establishing a chat sessions would be excessive. Radmin's Send Message connection mode was developed for these times. It allows you to send a single text message to a remote computer, which pops up on the remote display immediately. You can use this connection type to send a multicolor, formatted (Rich Text) message to a remote computer. It is it always available, fast and easy alternative to WinPopup and NET SEND.

Notice The number of participants is limited by default to 5 simultaneous connections (5 Users in Text Chat + 5 Users in Voice Chat). This number can be increased with the purchase of an additional client access license (CAL). For more information, please use our Feedback Form to contact us directly.

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