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Remote ATM machines administration

Radmin is a perfect solution for tech support for employees, and remote administration of PCs and ATMs allowing users to get immediate effect after its implementing. Radmin is the most secure and reliable software meeting the highest standards set by IT departments at major banks around the world, such as Bank of America, Bank of New York, Raiffeisen BANK, Barclays Bank, Nordea etc. All of these banks have recognized the benefits of using Radmin, as the most secure and reliable solution.

In financial institutions Radmin is used for:

  • IT tech support for employees and remote administration of PCs

    Banks usually have large computer networks, with each PC in the network requiring regular support and maintenance. A bankís branches may be located within the same city, or in various cities and countries. Providing technical support for staff computers in such large networks takes up a great deal of time and human resources. Radmin makes remote management of these networks easy and efficient. Radmin saves time and travel expenses of all your IT staff.

    Results of Radmin implementation for remote technical support and systems administration include:
    • Employee downtime is cut: employees with computer issues donít have to waste time waiting for technical specialists.
    • Employee productivity increases dramatically.
    • Technical staff efficiency soars: IT specialists don't need to visit each office PC in person to solve technical problems.
    • Time and travel costs are cut.

  • Remote ATM administration

    An ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) is a computerized telecommunications device with its own display and keyboard. Today the vast majority of ATMs worldwide use some form of Microsoft OS, generally Windows XP Professional or Windows XP Embedded.

    Any ATM malfunctions cause financial losses including both rental cost and profit loss. A dead ATM visibly detracts from the bankís reputation and is a source of customer dissatisfaction. If Radmin is installed on ATM technical specialists can troubleshoot any problems remotely, including, but not limited to: checking functionality, updating software and carrying out repairs.

    Results of Radmin implementation for remote ATM administration:
    • ATMs do not stay ďout of orderĒ for long: a remote connection is established in just a few clicks, and repairs are carried out promptly.
    • Travel expenses are cut: all repairs can be carried out remotely by IT personnel, from their desks.
    • Any risk of unauthorized access to an ATM while it is being repaired is eliminated.
    • Increased efficiency and productivity among technical staff.

Radmin advantages:

  1. Highest security level

    Security is crucial for financial institutions. Only Radmin delivers the highest security requirements a financial institution can demand, and this is what distinguishes Radmin from its competitors. Radminís unrivalled level of security is due to its direct integration with Windows Security, 256 bit AES data encryption for all data transferred, NTLM/Kerberos, modified Diffie-Hellman 2048 bit algorithm and Active Directory support.Radmin server has two security sub-systems, so you can set up Radmin to use either Windows security or Radminís own security protocols. Access rights are individual for each user. Radminís special IP-filter tables restrict access to specific IP addresses and sub-networks.

  2. Reliability and high uptime

    Radminís proven operational stability is due to its features and Famatechís scrupulous and uncompromising software testing. Very simply, Radmin never crashes and never causes "blue screens of death". This has been widely tested and proven by our clients, which comprise 40% of Fortune 500 companies.

  3. Low system requirements

    Radmin has no special hardware requirements. Its special low-bandwidth optimizations let you control remote computers comfortably - even over a dial-up modem or GPRS connection.

  4. Lifetime license

    There is only one lifetime license for Radmin - unlike most other software which has time-limited licensing - so the customer pays just once, and can enjoy using Radmin forever. There are no monthly or yearly payments whatsoever.

    This licensing, coupled with flexible pricing policy, allows you to recoup in full the small expense of Radmin integration in a remarkably short space of time.

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