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Your product is wonderful. Although Windows XP's Remote Assistance works great once I'm connected to a user, I was fed up with the time I spent initiating and generating the connection. Once we tried Radmin, I was anxious to convince my supervisor to approve the purchase of licensing for every computer on our network. Now that we finally have Radmin, I no longer dread having to connect to a remote user to offer support.
Christine Holly
Client Support Analyst
George's, Inc.



Solutions for Educational Institution

Radmin Remote Control - Educational

Modern IT technologies are rapidly changing our lives. Classrooms are now equipped with networked computers using advanced educational software. Teachers could be located anywhere in the world and still effectively communicate with their students, who are able to attend classes without leaving their homes. All of these conveniences are possible with the help of modern remote control software from Famatech.

With Radmin software you can:

  • Show any screen in real-time to all students from anywhere in the world that has an Internet connection.
  • Monitor and assist students directly from your PC without making them leave their own.
  • Maintain better control of each student.
  • Deliver hands-on experience to your students.
  • Make voice conferences, lectures, discussions - with a variety of options.
  • Avoid expensive investments in extra hardware needed by other remote administration tools.

How it works

While the instructor is connected to and working on a remote computer, his or her mouse movements can be seen and followed by the user of that remote PC. Learn how to use Radmin in minutes, as it is extremely user-friendly.

Why teachers choose Radmin educational software?

  • Radmin software is being used by instructors to work with individual students or the entire class, so every student is given the same chance to gain hands-on experience.
  • Radmin programs are extremely user-friendly, require no special training and they open many exciting new possibilities for computer-based teaching.
  • Radmin educational software is extremely helpful when showing examples or demonstrating how something is done.
  • No problem in listening to the teacher when all the students are situated in remote locations. With Radmin Communication Server teachers and students are able to have a comfortable conversation.
  • Famatech offers 33% discounts to schools, universities, hospitals, charity funds and ecological organizations. More about discounts

Our academic clients include the University of Calgary, the University of Illinois, Purdue University Calumet, Clark County School District, Silver State Schools Credit Union and many other respected educational institutions.

Solution for corporate education


Radmin is also a great tool for corporate education and seminars. You can easily update your existing training materials as well as invite everyone in your organization to participate in live, instructor-led classes, without anyone having to leave their desks. Students using Radmin software can interact with their instructors and fellow students, ask questions, do exams and practice new skills online from wherever they live or work.

With step-by-step guidance, even novice users can immediately put what they learn to productive use on their jobs.

Famatech offers 33% discounts to Schools, Universities, Hospitals, Healthcare Systems and Research Laboratories (owned, controlled, and operated solely by the Educational Institution).
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