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Radmin is excellent for me. My work own me to travel so much
Jose Luis Revah
Fundacion Cono Sur




Radmin Remote Control - Remote work

Telecommuting (or telework) is a popular form of employment where off-site workers benefit by having more time with their family and/or a greater freedom, and where employers benefit by lower operating costs and greater flexibility. With increased availability of broadband Internet access and new remote access technologies, telecommuters can work just as well (and often more efficiently) from home remotely. Telecommuting can be a viable option for yourself or your staff.

Radmin Software is the solution

Radmin can be used by companies with telecommuters working remotely from their home PCs wherever they live. Their home PCs may have small hardware capabilities even if they deal with difficult programs and tasks because all software and data are kept at their more powerful office computers. Radmin is the ideal secure remote control software to organize telecommuting at your company.

With Radmin your telecommuters can:

  • Work on office computers remotely from anywhere without delays and in real-time.
  • Communicate with other employees using built-in secure text and voice chat.
  • Securely share files and obtain the latest updates of documents.
  • Organize online conferences and webinars.

Who uses Radmin?

  • Professionals requiring a secure, high-speed connection. No delays!

  • Radmin is the fastest remote control system available on the market for any price. Unique algorithms and Radmin technology let you work comfortably even with a very narrow bandwidth.

  • Accounts people needing to lower operating costs.

  • There is no need to rent a large office for staff. No furniture, no monitor, no keyboard, no mouse—only a single room for a telecommuter’s computers and an Internet connection. Radmin's affordable price puts it in a class of its own. Radmin has been designed to contain only real mission-critical functionality—that is why we are able to pass the savings on to our customers. Radmin products have only lifetime licenses—unlike many other products with time-limited licensing—the customer gets Radmin forever. Additionally, only Radmin Server is licensed. Radmin Viewer is free of charge, so telecommuters just need to install Radmin Viewer and access their office PC remotely.

  • Security specialists who demand strong security!

  • It is obvious that when performing a task like accessing a remote PC, security is crucially important. Radmin products use the most stringent security methods available on the market. Strong encryption—up to 2048 bit key size, NTLMv2 and IP filtering secures your actions whatever connection you use. All transmitted data, including screen images, mouse movements, keyboard presses and audio streams, are encrypted and cannot be intercepted. Radmin is a completely secure remote control software for telecommuting. More about security

  • Employees who demand easy to use solutions.

  • Radmin is very user-friendly. It has no useless 'value added' features that make it difficult to work with, complex to learn, or that slow its performance. Most of our users agree that the major advantage of Radmin is its simplicity.

  • IT specialists who insist on low system requirements.

  • Radmin has no special hardware requirements. If your computer runs Windows, Radmin will run on your computer—it's just that simple.

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