Advanced IP Scanner and NetBIOS user name...


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Advanced IP Scanner and NetBIOS user name...
This program is great, however...

All computers I access have XP Pro SP1 with all current hotfixes...

I like the idea of knowing exactly who is logged into a remote machine before I access it through Radmin...

However, the NetBIOS user column only returns the NetBIOS computer name, not the user name currently logged in...

When I run ntbstat, I get all the NetBIOS names, including the correct username...

Is it just me? problem refered to v1.3 of the Advanced IP Scanner...but I just uninstalled 1.3 and reinstalled v1.2 and it works fine...
If it's not hard to you - can you, please, send me e-mail to and help me a little with solving this problem? If you describe it more detailed it will take a short time to solve and update program package.

Best regards, Gregor Petrov, Famatech Support Team
I had the exact same result as "Kermit". I ran 1.3 on my XP box (scanning NT4, w2k, & XP PCs) and the netbios name did not appear. Instead the machine name appeared.

I am now using 1.2 again.
I have changed NetBIOS names retrival algorythm so it's more close to Microsoft specifications now.

Seems that NetBIOS names don't always show correct information on different OS's, i.e. same field will be user name on windows 2000 ut it will be the computer's name on WindowsXP.

I will try to implement the correct retrival by checking target OS version, but this can be done only after RAdmin 3.0 release, since we are very busy with it right now.

Best regards, Gregor Petrov, Famatech Support Team
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