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Short question, A short question regarding this product
Hy all.
My company needs this kind of product.(Radmin)
BUT, can you tell me pls if the Wake On Lan function is supported?
Thank you
I have no ***** idea, although the Wake On Lan Function is Bios dependent, and seems to me related to the OS, and not to a peculiar software.

Just another question for your own question:
why do you want this Wake on Lan function?
Concerning only the security side of the question, Radmin definitely works if it runs as a service before the server PC is logged with logon and password (Win2K as far as i am concerned).

On an economic behalf, i am no sure that modern PC and monitors would last longer or have a significantly smaller electric cost if they were to be connected just by a Wake on Lan request.
Yes WOL is BIOS dependent. But WOL is also networc card dependent.
I need this Wake On Lan function so i can start my work computer when i'm on the run and to start my home pc from work.
I have tryied Anyplace Control. It works incredible, but my Zone Alarm have found a virus :(
Waiting for other answers. Or maybe i'll download the trial and try ;)
ok. no answer.
i'll buy another one.
I do not endorse radmin or anything else, as i know, that seemed to be your concern, that nothing will ensure you to be working in any kind of situation (but radmin still works well outside of insufficient file transfer capacities, and even between my 2 dynamic IP networks, each behind a router and firewall).

That's why i try it before i buy it, and that is exactly what you said about it, no one knows why you changed your mind.

I still do not see the point letting the remote machine at sleep, except maybe electrical cost considerations:
there's absolutely no way to remotely start a machine being not just plainly at sleep, but powered off, and the sleep-function is not better at security then, as i allready evoked it, to keep the remote machine on the logon administrator window.

I do not see either any software, even if you would pay considerable corporates fees for it, which would do for you everything while you don't do anything about it.

I nevertheless wish you good luck.
I forgot it:
No one has ever seen a corporate professionnal, as you claim to be, use ZA which is just garbage for Web newbies (it's telling you about viruses, who is right, who decides, ZA or yourself?) , and which is, even assumed it could sometimes be pertinent on a single PC, not aimed at network usage.
Dear Bisca,

Radmin does not have Wake-on-Lan. We have another product that would allow you to wake your computers in the LAN - [URL=]Advanced IP scanner[/URL]. It is a free utility.
Dear mr. Marc Willard,
First of all, i never claim to be a corporate professionnal. As you can see, you're the expert, i'm the newbie!
Second of all: "there's absolutely no way to remotely start a machine being not just plainly at sleep, but powered off" - ANYPLACE CONTROL.
Now, why are speaking if you don't know anything about my company? For example i am using Zone Alarm ON MY PC ONLY!. I'm NOT connected to a network. Why i am using ZA? Because i like ZA. But...welll...i'm the newbie, you're the expert.
By the way, why is so important why i wanna wake my home pc with WOL function. I just want to do this !
I saw that you have join the forum exactly one month ago, and you're an expert. Well, i think that a lot of people recieved your critics. Next time keep them for yourself.

A forum is some place where people decide to talk one to the other, wanting everyone and the software which is discussed about to progress.

Such a concept does not leave any place to any argumentation of which its author knows he cheats at the same moment he writes it.

I am not the one deciding on who is a newbie and who is an expert, and i agree with you to the stupidity of these connotations, no one is expert or newbie at anything.
But if you should complain about that, the forum administrator is the only person you should complain to, but that was not the question, was it?

I don't give a sh... why you should prefer to wake a machine then to plainly connect to it on the logon window.
I just persist to say that nobody and no software knows how to power on a machine: software waking is one thing, pushing the "on" button quite another, and that i don't see what advantage one would have upon the other except for electrical consumption.

But if i did ask this precision, it was just for trying to help you: don't you think you would have been helped better with a little more explanations, no one has the same configuration?

Last, i was not the one to scream that, if my question was not to be answered (for free, of course) in the following hour, "I would buy something else".

If you want everyone to resolve your maybe legitimate questions in 36 hours, including night-time and time-zones, i am not sure that a forum or even a paying maintenance if you already had acquired the software would be the right place.

I'm done with this, i do not want on this topic further polemics which would not be of any interest to anyone.
I shall consequently not respond anymore on this same thread.

I remind you, but essentially other readers, that i am not an english native writer, and i thus apologize to them, if not to you, having been misunderstood although doing the best i could.

I wish everybody a good evening, as far as i am GMT concerned.
Mark, i wanna turn my pc on from work, because i am at work for from 7 am to 11pm. It would be hard to let my pc on 16 hours a day right? I wanna access my home pc from work to copy some documents i need for work. Simple as that.
Ok, you can say that the first reason IS electrical consumption.
In a few words, i was looking for a program to wake my pc on. I told you that Anywhere control can do that. For example: my brother is working on my home pc. He shut down the pc and i can turn my home pc on, from work. Got it? That's why i asked for "Wake On Lan" function. In "Anyplace Control" i have an option "Turn on PC". I push that button pc wakes up. I push the button "Full control" and i have total control of my home pc (from my workplace). And i can copy the documents that i need.
So i think this option can be called "pushing the "on" button", right? At least that's what i think, that if this program power on my pc, it means that he pushes the "on"button. Or not? As my network card knows to recieve "magic pockets" it can wake my pc on.
As you can see, Marat answered me and he told me that Radmin don't have this ability, but there is another product that can do that. So, in conclusion it can be done, right? So maybe you're wrong about that one. Maybe.
I was not screaming that i'll buy another product. I wanna buy this one, that's why i have asked the question. I have sent an email on contact email but nobody asnwered me (from 1 september) That's why i asked here.
Best regards.
You beat me somewhere, i am only at work from 8.00 am to 21 pm, excepting "urgent service" ( i am supposed, from next saturday 20:00 pm to following monday 8:00 am, to be, day or night, at work in the following 5 or 10 minutes).

As I told you, my position is that both LAN are "on" 24/24:
on the "professionnal" side, it does not matter that much, a little more eletric consumption for a litte less income tax...

I don't want to hurt you in any matter, but i still think no software ot hardware is able to physically power on or off a machine:
that is what it makes you thing it does while you push the button.
Actually, it just gets the machie to sleep.
If you plug out your machine, your NIC won't be able to receive any electric input, and won't power anythng, right?

If you succeed waking anything using third-part software, i'am glad for you if it works, but again, it does'nt power off anything, it just saves some electricity and make it a little more difficult to stay connected.

Good night.
Mark, here is what you said a few post upper: "That's why i try it before i buy it"
Just try it.
Give me an email and i will send you screenshhots .
Of course if i remove the power cable from my computer, the pc won't start. BUT if i remeove the power cable from my pc, the pc won't start even if i really push the button.
Regarding the wake on lan function, you can be sure it starts.
As i told you. Just try it. Install the program on both pcs, from the lancard's driver just enable wake on lan and magic poket accept and that's it
A ggod day.
I use wake on lan function. PC goes to sleep except for keeping the network interface powered up. Network looks for specific WOL packet and if it finds it triggers the BIOS out of sleep mode and PC boots. Needs either a special NIC that has connector for lead to motherboard (not in our case) or more easily use an integrated network interface on the motherboard (we use Intel 915 with this).

End of the day it saves power (look at the back of a "switched of PC" with this feature enabled and you will see the network socket LEDs lit up as this part is still powered.
We're saying the same thing: you do still need power for the NIC, with no power at all, nothing is able to make the machine start.

Sleeping, WOL or whatever is not, it is a frequent confusion, power off.
Yep I agee :)
OMG Mark, you tought that i am saying that i can power on my home pc from work, even if my home pc has no power? No way. :D
Yep, my pc is powered but not logged on, if you know what i mean.
(i'm not an english native writer or speaker :oops: )
There we got it...

Just one question remaining:
what language are we to use when we talk to each other?

English, i suppose, and i am sorry, i won't do much better, i haven't practiced it for so many years...

Good evening (still GMT, i can't either do anything to that except changing of country).
Let's try Chinesse :D
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