IP Scan Not Same as Network Neighborhood (XP,Vista)


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IP Scan Not Same as Network Neighborhood (XP,Vista)
Three computers on mixed LAN/WLAN network. Peer network, same workgroup name. One each XP and Vista computers on LAN, bridged to Linksys WLAN via Motorola LAN-WLAN bridge. One XP computer on WLAN.

All three show complete network neighborhood but results from IPScan are different on each. IPScan shows wireless computer and router from WLAN, and the wireless computer, router and the computer it is running from on the LAN. The other computer on the LAN is not visible.

Please advise.
What computer is not visible? The XP or the Vista?
Edited: Wally Lights - 08.10.2012 07:43:19
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