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I installed this app to see how well it worked compared to another program I use (TCPNV) and it found no other PCs on my test LAN. The other app, TCPNV, found them all, showing IP addresses, MAC addresses, etc. I tried all the settings that seemed obvious to me but no change in the behavior. Any suggestions?
Hello. As i can suggest, you just don't enter IP RANGE for scan. Our software is highly configurable, and, compared to over products you can scan any network you wish. By default, the IP range includes only your own computer, for example - " -". To scan entire network, enter IP range you wish - for example -
" -".

We understood, that it wasn't very wise to include only one computer in default scan, and we will fix it in next version - it will scan 255 computers by default.

Best regards, Gregor, Famatech Support Team
Using IP Scan, or any util, is there a way to discover and add system's to the Remote Admin's "phonebook"?

This is what's going on. My help desk team handle different divisions within the company, so they each have connections (phonebook entries) to all the machines they work on. But if one of them is busy, another tech can create a connection (phonebook entry) and work on the system. This is all fine, but it would be very helpful to be able to either combine their individual phonebooks, or have a scan tool that would allow us to find machines on a subnet that are running remote admin.

Any thoughts or suggestions are welcomed,
You can use version 3.0 of Radmin Viewer witch supports advanced phonebook features.

Best regards, Famatech support team
Best regards, Gregor Petrov, Famatech
how to close the open port
how to close the open port

Please refer your router/firewall manual for such information.

Best regards,
Ilia Demenkov
Famatech Technical Support
i opened the program but, it doesnt install or anything, a comand prompt window pops up and closes real fast, whats with that?!?1
it's only 1KB ...16-bit dos...probably a virus or something. Maybe the server got hacked.
does Radmin works on Windows XP professional computer serving as Server ,while the remote computers too has windows xp installed.
Moreso,do i need to install Radmin on all the remotes computers to be able to control it.
yes but you dont have to install the client, just the server.
Where can I get the router/firewall manual for such information?
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