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PortScanner v1.1
Afte scanning my PC there is an open port 1025 (blackjack).
What does this mean?

My system is clean! Reported by using virus-scanners from Fix-It Util. 4.0 and Norton Antivirus 2002.

does any body know an answer?

Of course we know answer :-).

port 1025 is commonly used by "network blackjack" - windows 2000 service for active directory management. It takes it's name from old network game for windows 3.11, that uses port 1025.

Best regards, Gregor, Famatech Support Team

I appreciate the free tools but as RAdmin claims to be
the fastest -and smallest- remote-control program out
there I have to ask you the following:

- Why the RA port scanner is 4 times faster than yours?
- RA is a single file of 80KB while RAdmin is ~4MB

Remote-Anything (RA) can be downloaded for free from:

Will you then correct your assertions or modify your programs to make them really do what you advertise?..


Please, check new version - scan speed was improved and now it's much faster then RA. NOTE - don't forget to set same threads number as RA and same port check timeout (100 msc for RA, that is quite small walue, actually).

Best regards, Gregor Petrov, Famatech Support Team
When will it be release is it possible to have it e-mailed or tested on our site. (beta) I am interested but I'm waiting for new and current pricing. I am comparing a number of reomte desktop software.
hrmmm that network blackjck thing, your SURE its a service? its running on my comp on port 1025 and i've never seen it b4.. why would microsoft name a system service so irrellvant... :cry:
We no longer get this type of problem for a couple of years now.
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