advanced IPscanner v1.3


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advanced IPscanner v1.3
Maybe I misunderstand the purpose of this program, but I thought I might be able to scan my LAN (192.168.0.x) and see all my devices on the network. I have 2 computers (1 Win98SE, 1 WinXP Home), 2 routers, 3 ReplayTVs, and one cable modem. I wouldn't expect to see the cable modem, as its address isn't in the range I specified ( -, but I would've expected to see the others. I only see 1 router's and the three ReplayTVs' IP addresses in the scan results, and all 4 have Mac addresses of all zeroes. The 4 devices in the scan results have status "alive", the router returns the correct "name" (the ReplayTVs return "C/R"), and all four return ping values. How do I get the other router, the two computers, and all the devices' information to show up? Do I have IPscanner misconfigured? The router misconfigured? Thanks.
You might want to choose other software like Driver Max or something like it if you want to check current drivers installed in your system.

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