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Feature Requests, Some additional thoughts on IP Scanner and Port Scanner
Now that IP Scanner 1.4 and Port Scanner 1.2 have been available for awhile (they are great of course), I had the following suggestion.

It would be nice if both tools support subnet/maskbits notation. Many of our subnets use an odd number of mask bits which makes entering all the appropriate class C addresses cumbersome. It would be nice to enter for example.

It would be very beneficial for IP Scanner to support scripting like Scanner now does - to be able to pass a command file to IP Scanner that tells it to find all the alive computers on a subnet/supernet and to retrieve the NetBios name information from them and write that information to a file. Or to feed IP Scanner a list of MACs and have it wake them.

Thanks for your consideration.
Do you use both of these programs at the same time? Like working on both of them?

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