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Remote regedit
I would like to know if there is a way to be able to edit the registry on remote client via IP...the remote client is not on the network..but have Radmin installed on it..please let me know if I edit the registry via telnet connection[B]
The best way to do this is to create a VPN to your host's network. Otherwise, you either have to edit the registry from a full radmin session - something you clearly don't want to do - or setup some very strange port forwarding on a router.

Some routers support the VPN function and come with client software to allow you to connect at will. I know that D-Link has some sub-$100.00 routers that do this. Not sure about all of the rest.

As an alternative, you could implement an Microsoft VPN tunnel between the two computers.\

All of this can be a bit complicated. Here's a place to start:

Here is the official MS thread about remotely administering Windows machines:;en-us;304718

Of course, most of what MS lists there doesn't work unless you have a direct connection, or VPN, to the network. Remote registry editing is NOT soemthing that's easily enabled through firewalls on purpose. Imagine what would happen if it was easy to do? That's why I recommend a secured VPN, or just connect to a radmin session and do it locally.

Hope that helps somewhat. Post the exact O/S's that you're trying to remotely administer (regedit) and maybe we can come up with a more specific solution.
Thanks for the info...the OS is xp SP2...the client is not on a router..he has direct connection to the internet...I can use the telnet function on radmin however it will not allow me to run any bat files or any addtion the regedit /s function is not working on seems that radmin telnet does not have that function build ito it..from your reply I understand that the client pc has to havea vpn server on it...but that is not possible...any ideas?????
I had the same problem with not being able to execute anything on the remote computer via radmin telnet. What I did to fix it was create a scheduled task on the remote side that ran my bat file (which also imported a reg file silently). Use RAdmin telnet to execute the scheduled task manually.

It's a little sloppy but it works alright

Good luck mate,

thanx Pat for the information...can you plz attach an example on how to run a scheduled task using telnet
Sorry for the long wait, here is a link to microsoft's website that shows all kinds of different ways to use the SCHTASKS command in telnet.

Hope this helps and that I'm not too late

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