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Portable Viewer, New Feature Request

It would be good if the RADMIN viewer (not the server) could be installed to a USB pen drive for use anywhere.

This would mean all viewer settings and server connection definitions would need to be stored in the program directory (and not elsewhere - like the registry for example).

Obviously connection passwords should never be saved.

I only ask as RADMIN 3 beta viewer is a seperate install and it would save having to install the viewer everywhere the server is installed and duplicate settings (so only required on the server if the server is the gateway to another network not accessible externally).

Hope this make some sense (idea came from using apps at and
Edited: Oksana Parkhomchuk - 13.11.2009 04:38:58
You can leave the radmin.exe file from radmin viewer 3 on your pen drive and run it from anywhere. If you want to import your phonebook maybe you could run a quick batch file to import the phonebook and then run the viewer....

ECHO Importing phone book...
ECHO -------------------------------
copy e:\radmin.rpb "c:\documents and settings\userprofile\application data\radmin\radmin.rpb" /y
ECHO Done!
ECHO Starting RAdmin Viewer
ECHO ----------------------------
START radmin.exe

I know it's sloppy, but it should work.

That would do as a workaround.

Ideally though no files should be created on the computer.

Any changes to your phone book would also need to be copied back to the pen drive. Maybe 2 scripts - import and export.

I guess all that would need to be done is add an optional command switch that tells the viewer which phone book to use (default could still be the one under "application data").

I assume I am right in thinking you cannot connect to the server using a VNC viewer (albeit with limited functionality - never tried it, but I do have tightVNC viewer which works well off a pen drive - not as nice an interface though)
I too want no changes to the system (file and registry).

I guess all that would need to be done is add an optional command switch that tells the viewer which phone book to use (default could still be the one under "application data").

The feature you mentioned is already in our Wishes list.
We've included this suggestion into our Wishes list.

Best regards,
Roman Makarov.

Technical Support.
Looks like there is a registry key which controls where to look for the phonebook file. I'm not sure how many workstations you have, but maybe on your next image you could point that key to a network share that your IT staff have mapped.

You could always update the registry key through your login script also without too many headaches.


REG_SZ "Phonebookpath"

May be worth looking into.
Radmin Viewer Command-Line Switches

radmin.exe /copyphonebook - makes a Radmin 2.x phonebook from a Radmin 1.11 phonebook.

Radmin viewer has command line options, which enable you to get connected to the host without using a


Usage: radmin.exe /connect:xxxxx:nnnn other_options
radmin.exe /connect:server:1000 /fullscreen /encrypt
radmin.exe /connect: /telnet
radmin.exe /connect:server /through:gate

/connect:xxxxx:nnnn - specify an address and a port of the server. This option is required for a

connection without a phonebook.
/through:xxxxx:nnnn - specify an address and a port of an intermediate server

The default connection mode is 'Full control' (to see the remote screen, send local mouse and keyboard

To specify other connection modes use switches:
/noinput - specify a View only connection mode (view of remote screen).
/shutdown - specify a Shutdown connection mode

/file - specify a File connection mode
/telnet - specify a Telnet connection mode

These switches are used in 'Full control' and 'View only' modes:
/fullscreen - specify the fullscreen view mode
/hicolor - specify a 65536 color format, while transferring via a network.
/locolor - specify a 16 color format, while transferring via a network.
/updates:nn - specify a maximum number of screen updates per second
/encrypt - specify to encrypt the data stream

Other switches:

/unregister - delete an already entered key for Radmin.
/? - shows help screen
I would also find a portable version of the RAdmin Viewer extremely useful!
Sorry for digging up such an old post, but I thought it should be updated for accuracy.

You can download a portable/stealth version of Radmin Viewer from my site. It has full persistent phonebook support for Radmin Viewer 3.3, and because the portable version uses a wrapper script, both your host-PC registry entries and portable registry entries will be preserved.

Download it here:
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