Radmin 3 Beta: TCP/IP error occurred or connection closed


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Radmin 3 Beta: TCP/IP error occurred or connection closed

I could never connect to the Radmin 3 Beta 2 Server through internet connection.

My Server is running on port 22, firewall and viewer use the same port.

The same settings runs with a demo version of radmin 2.2.

The client recieved after logins the error:
"TCP/IP error occurred or connection closed"
Doesn't matter wich permission mode is used (Radmin or NT Persmissions)

My log file from Server says always:
"Passwort is incorrect or error occurs"
"connection closed"

Im sure my permission settings was always correct.

can tell me sombody how to fix this problem?

(Im sorry for my bad english, i hope somebody is able to understand me )
Does anyone at Famatech actually monitor these boards anymore?

I have had this same problem as mentioned-
"TCP/IP error occurred or connection closed".

I don't see anything on this board to give any explanation of possibole causes. (I might have hoped for something like "It could be caused by a).... or b)... or c)... Try x and then try y."

If you look at the thousands of folks who have viewed this thread, you would see that this is obviously a problem.

Now to my particular instance of this problem. I have gotten this error repeatedly. I have two computers behind the same Linksys router going out (one a desktop; one a laptop). I am trying to access a computer behind another Linksys router on the server side. The two computers on the access side have the same virus protection s/w.I have gotten the laptop to make a connection once, but never the desktop. And neither will connect now (ever since the one instance.) To my knowledge nothing changed. So this is truly a mysterious error. There appears to be nothing on line, in the manuals (such as they are) nor anywhere else to help to solve this problem.

Tech support???
have the same problem since two years only rebooting the server can help
I just ran into this with a couple machines today. The problem turned out to be that the radmin server was set up with the "Ask user for permission" option turned on and the "Deny on timeout" suboption selected. We found that with a person physically at the radmin server machine, they would get a dialog asking permission for the remote user to connect. If they accepted, the connection worked. If they ignored it, we got the "TCP/IP error occurred or connection closed" error. Changing the suboption to "Allow on timeout", this problem vanished.
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