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2 Future Suggestions, Sound Output & Registry Editor
I would suggest these 2 items for the future versions of Radmin.

1. Create a sound hook driver (I am sure it would be easier to create than the video hook driver.

2. Add a registry editor tool (The same basics that were used in FileTrasfer could be incorporated in a registry management tool.

What do you all think about these 2 things being included in Radmin?
Anyone think a registry editor would be quite useful, as well?
Edited: John Smith - 27.03.2009 02:40:38
Out of curiosity John, what do you want in a registry editor that you don't get through regedit?
1. If regedit is blocked by malware, this is a highly useful implementation, since it would be client side, and not actually use regedit. When a change is made the command could be sent to the server in which case it would call the specific APIs to perform the requested operation

2. Speed. You do have to experience any lag when browsing and typing through the trees and hives

3. Could possibly improve over regedit (such as adding an address bar, bookmarks, etc)

4. Allow you to drag and drop .reg files with preprogrammed operations, to be sent to the server. This would be much easier than having to first locate and send the file to them, and then have regedit import it.

5. Modify the registry when no user is currently logged on

6. Exporting and importing Hive files directly from your machine, instead of having to transfer them back and forth.

7. View & troubleshoot a user's registry while he/she is currently performing some specific task (therefore would not have to take over their mouse and keyboard to change some kind of setting)

8. Back up portions of the registry directly into your machine (the client)


Again, genuine curiosity, I'm not knocking this at all - how often would you use these functions?

My Radmin use is "recreational" - I'm genuinely interested in the ways that people use the product in a more professional capacity.

I use them a lot since I use radmin to troubleshoot comps :P
Okay; thanks. I see where you're coming from now 8)
I use RAdmin extensively to support PC's, both home and corporate users (and even my own family), and I can see the usefulness of these features. I think printer mapping and remote screen blanking are also important.

But the most important missing feature, from my perspective, is one that was promised and not delivered with version 3.0: server-initiated connections. With server-initiated connections (or some other mechanism to circumvent or eliminate the need to configure port forwarding and either a static IP address or a dynamic DNS address on the server-side), RAdmin would regain its former place as the premier remote control program.

Sure, we can jerry-rig something with EchoVNC or Hamachi. But that's not the same at all as a built in mechanism, and we all know it. RAdmin may still have the performance advantage, but competitors whose products obviate the need for router configuration, such as TeamViewer, aren't that far behind on performance, and are ahead in some ways on features.

(I gotta quit doing this and leave this soap box in the closet ... ) <steps down>

Pass me the soap box then ;)

I think you're quite right with regard to a change in the handshake mechanism. And as you've probably seen this is topical on a few threads.

The only kind of support I'm involved in on a professional basis is generally more application than PC orientated. Although I seed the requirement for something like the registry facilties described above, that (as a specific example) wouldn't be highest on my 'to do' list for Radmin. What really annoys me is that I've never seen any kind of Radmin technical roadmap. You see lots of good, sensible suggestions on here and occassionally you'll get a nod of 'that will be in at the next release'. But we don't know when the next release is, what's in it, and what's planned to be in the release after that. So everyone gets het up because in development terms nothing seems to be being done. I'm sure it is; it's just not visible enough to the people who pay to use the product.

There are several, really useful but simple things that would improve usability (like auto-hide toolbar and minimise from full-screen), then other harder but essential things (like the connectivity/handshake mechanism). For me these sorts of things need to come before things like a registry editor which is if you like an "add-on application" to a remote access application. The former are things which are integral to things to the access tool itself. But either way - the users have no idea what's planned for Radmin.

I think it would be really helpful if these lists were maintained publically on this website and some sort of roadmap produced with intended release dates and also any reasons why certain ideas are rejected. As it is there is just post after post of the same suggestions and the same gripes that nothing is happening.

Give the users some confidence in the evolution of Radmin, a fundamentally a good product; not the feeling that it's standing still.
Edited: Paul B - 30.03.2009 04:00:20
Ok, there is a map for you. We are working now on our next release which will contain most of these wishes. But we have a strict internal policy: we are not releasing raw products, thats why we cannot provide ETA, we just don't know exactly when testing and polishing end. Hovewer next release isn't in a very distant future, thats why we do not want to create small patches - most wishes and issues will be resolved at next release.

I know that my answer still has some mist, but I cannot provide more information and I cannot provide any timeframes.
> isn't in a very distant future

Is that like "soon"? (You know, the "soon" that we were told about RAdmin 3.0 for five years?) ;)

Sorry, Eugene, couldn't resist. I'm sure you understand, though, the pessimism and negative feelings that still remain from the long delays of the last major release, and how that will color our attitudes toward this coming release.

On behalf of the "Expert Community", I would encourage you (collectively) to take the lessons of v3.0 to heart, and expand communication with us this time around as much as possible. I understand you don't want to commit to specific dates and details that may have to be retracted later. But surely there is some info that can be released, like a tentative list of new features (with a qualification that they may or may not actually make it into this release if need be), an estimate of current progress ("we're 70% done"), and maybe a rough estimate of a beta release time ("we're hoping to release a beta by mid-summer, but various problems could push it back to fall").

ANYTHING you can tell us will be more information than we received last time around. And isn't moving information around what we're all about, anyway? ;)
Seconded :)

Although I really hope mostly for:

1. Sound - Through sound hook driver. Yes probably difficult but not impossible. Especially considering your devs have already created a video hook driver.

2. Registry editor (I am tired of using Radmin's Buggy "telnet" to execute reg.exe and type in the path & operation every time, if I am unable to access regedit on the server through Full control)

3. An improved "telnet". Seriously, this one now is laggy, buggy, and a true POS compared to what you can do with cmd.exe

4. A better file manager, especially for sending and receiving files. Would love to see copy and paste from server2client and vice versa (like that of VMWare's Workstation for Virtual Machines), but I know that this technology isn't easy and could require additional drivers & NT services to monitor actions which were performed.

Being a coder myself, I know that this type of software development isn't any walk in the park, but it is something to put on that TO DO list when some of your devs get bored and want to make the company gain more &$$ & popularity by blowing the competition out of the water.
Edited: John Smith - 04.04.2009 19:07:45
And the silence is deafening ...

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