Suggestion: true full screen support


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Suggestion: true full screen support
With vmware becoming more popular (and esxi now being free), there is at lot more demand for a really good remote access tool, as the "remote" access becomes your only access with virtual machines.

There are three things that Windows Remote Desktop currently does that Radmin needs in order to effectively compete:

1) sound -- I've seen in other threads that this is currently in the works.
2) hide the tool bar... Remote Desktop allows you to pin and unpin the tool bar, so you can have a true full screen without anything in the way
3) match the client screen resolution. with widescreen monitors especially, it's annoying to lose all that screen real estate when doing a "full screen" experience. And with certain versions of vmware, the server-side maximum screen resolution can be smaller than the client-side maximum screen resolution. Windows Remote Desktop is able to support resolutions at the client that are greater than the resolution of the server.

If Radmin could solve these three problems and still be as fast as it is, it would really be the one and only choice for vmware users.
About "3":
Remote desktop doesn't send remote screen to the local PC. Instead it sends commands to videocard (and then local videocard create a new image). Radmin sends actual screen. If you have 2048x1024 resolution at a remote PC and 1024x768 local one, you need scroll bars or distortion. It is like a having a big paiting. You cannot just fit it into small frame.
And Remote desktop instead sends commands to another artist "There should be a human and there a house..." to create a new paiting.
I've seen some competing products that can temporarily change the server-side desktop resolution to match the viewer-side (or a pre-configured setting) while the viewer is connected. Has there been any thought to implementing something like this? As an option, not a default setting, of course.


I am also interested in RAdmin but only if this feature (the ability to control screen resolution of the remote connection and then it auto switch back afterwards on the actual screen) is implemented. Any plans for it and if so, what is the time frame?

Best Regards,
Craig Brass
I've added this wish to our wishlist.
Kevin Matzdorf wrote:
2) hide the tool bar... Remote Desktop allows you to pin and unpin the tool bar, so you can have a true full screen without anything in the way

Please don't underestimate this wish. It's rather annoying to have to move the toolbar around all the time because it gets in the way.
I've added your vote to it too :)
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