do not transfer data when viewer minimized option


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do not transfer data when viewer minimized option
for example I use radmin to play a movie from a desktop connected to a TV.
I don't need all that traffic when my viewer is minimized.

what do you say guys?
Edited: marius marius - 24.05.2009 18:31:18
does anyone see the benefit in this?
why all that transfer and bandwidth for nothing if the viewer is minimized?
Edited: marius marius - 04.06.2009 12:21:18
What if you get a button "stop updating" instead?
for the ease of use I would prefer you catch the minimize event and do the same action as that button. but if not possible, stop updating button is cool enough ! :D
A stop updating button!? How cool is that? 8)

Personally, I'd rather have the button than the minimize event, and here's why:

I often use RAdmin to connect to a variety of machines; in a few instances the machine I'm connecting to is being used for network monitoring, using tools like PRTG and Wireshark. When capturing packets with Wireshark while you're connected with RAdmin, the first thing you have to do with your results is filter out all the RAdmin traffic. I would love to be able to start the capture, then turn off the RAdmin updates for a minute or two, then end the trace and not have 50,000 RAdmin packets in the way of what I'm looking for. (Being able to restart the updates by clicking anywhere in the RAdmin viewer window would be cool, too, but I can see advantages AND disadvantages to that ... )

Another possibility that occurs to me is being able to connect to a machine that an on-site tech is working on, take control for a minute to show him/her something, then to click a button to switch to View Only mode (without opening a new window) so they can work and you can monitor them without accidentally jerking their mouse across the screen. Then click the button again if you need to switch back to Full Control to show them something else ... So what do you say, Eugene? How about a "Toggle Full Control / View Only Mode" button?

yeah Eugene! how about that? :)
I agree with Tek the switch to view only without opening another session, would be cool, and then toggle to control again.

But there I agree with Marius its same thing as pushing the button, why not capture the minimize command and assign it to stop refresh.

yes! another believer!

PS: or maybe both - minimize and stop update! IS IT READY YET ? WHAT ABOUT NOW ? NOW ? :)
you can name this feature "mariusize" :) if you want
is there any news on this? :D
In case you weren't aware of past history, marius, Famatech's update speed could probably be best described as "glacial". As I recall, there was about a six year gap between the first rumors of version 3.0 and the actual release.

A new feature like this one COULD be included in a minor release, so we might see it in the next year or so when 3.4 is released. More likely, though, it will be part of the feature set of the next major release; and it could be years yet before we see 4.0.

(Now if Famatech announces the release of 4.0 tomorrow, I will be extremely pleased. Totally surprised, but pleased.)

anything new on this?
common lads!

PS: I will send you all Christmas cards!!
Christmasssss is almooost heereeeeee!
where's my present? :D
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