Any Way to Disable Wallpaper?


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Any Way to Disable Wallpaper?, When connecting
The remote user has a wallpaper background, and this takes a lot of bandwidth to send across the link, slowing desktop control.

Can RAdmin be configured to automatically shut off the wallpaper (e.g., make it blank) when connected? It would be best not to have to ask the user to turn off the wallpaper manually, and they're not willing to turn it off permanently.

The connection is being made to a Vista x64 Ultimate system, and we've noticed that the desktop compositing IS being shut off automatically upon connection, so this seems like it should be a reasonably easy additional step to perform.

This could really be useful for me too.
Sometimes it's very annoying when a user puts a 5 Mb wallpaper on his desktop.
Edited: Eugene Ishchenko - 16.11.2009 15:49:32

When I first glanced at my e-mail notification about that last comment, I thought it had been posted by Eugene Idzikovsky, and it struck me as funny that he (the current "Face of Famatech" in the forums) would be agreeing with the usefulness of a feature request. ;)

That said, I totally agree with this feature request myself. By far the largest anchor you can throw on the performance of RAdmin is a huge wallpaper. Being able to automatically disable that upon connection (and re-enable it upon disconnection) would be a most welcome improvement!

I've added this wish to our wishlist.
Edited: Eugene Idzikovsky - 06.04.2010 15:55:11
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