#1 on wish list for v3.4 -- 2/3/4FULL SCREEN VIEW Button


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#1 on wish list for v3.4 -- 2/3/4FULL SCREEN VIEW Button, #1 on wish list for v3.4 -- 2/3/4FULL SCREEN VIEW Button
Dual Monitor almost works now. I have both server and remote operating with extended (2 monitor) screens, where the sreen resolutions on the server and remote match (i.e. 1=1, and 2=2).
I go to NORMAL VIEW and stretch the window across both monitors on the remote machine. It mostly works.
But in NORMAL VIEW, you cannot fully get the whole screen, so there remains a small bit of panning action.
I'd like another button that works like FULL SCREEN VIEW, (maybe 2/3/4FULL SCREEN VIEW) that would map the "extened" (multi-monitor) screen on a server , to the extended (multiple monitor) screen on the remote. I don't want to bust the current FULL SCREEN button, because I often like it to just fill one monitor. There really needs to be another button.
3.4 is only for Windows 7.
3.5 will apparently be the next one which puts in new features.
If I have multihead graphic card with 4 output and each having 1600 x 1200 resolution as a host.. what will I view in the viewer side once I'm connected to this host? Will I be able to manipulate how I'd like to control which monitor to view?
You have a special option "view display #x" or you can "view entire desktop" (that can be set in Radmin viewer toolbar).
Good point, Eugene.

I can see John's point too, though: an additional feature to maximize a viewer window (like when looking at a multimonitor server) across a multimonitor desktop would be useful.

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