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Create "Workplaces", Allows collaboration between computers
I took a quick glance to see if something like this exists but I couldn't find anything in the forums.

The ability to create "workplaces" and remotely connect with them would be a tremendous help.

Lets say I've got a business partner I need to connect with to show him something I've been working on. He's given me access to his PC and I connect to his pc by creating a workplace and it opens up a Whiteboard or other application for me to draw with or use.

He could equally draw with the whiteboard on his end. No screen connection is necessary and only the input of changes need to be updated.

This allows radmin to open up a whole new set of uses for the application. Of course I could remote in and write something within the screen but it's more bandwidth intensive and lacks some basic tools that radmin could include. Plus you can't do a back an forth collaboration of a whiteboard, presentation, etc. You could of course put your typical radmin permissions on these new workplaces and block them if it's necessary for your IT environment.

It's just a thought. I think it would be incredibly useful and be perfect for the radmin suite. Of course this wouldn't come cheap to build so I would expect a price increase of some sort but having it in one central place like radmin viewer & server would prove very handy. :)

Just my two cents,

Branden Silva
Does anyone else find the usefulness in this? It's more often that you see "collaborative" services on the web versus seeing this in a software package. I bet Radmin could pull something like this off. It could very well be sold as a separate program if that's the direction they wanted to take it. It just seems easier to me to integrate it into the existing program.

I just would prefer a software package for collaboration over a web based program. Something I can take with me to multiple computers and not be tied to a online service.

There are already subtle collaborated features built into Radmin. Chat, voice chat are just a couple of examples.

Any thoughts?
Frankly, Branden, I probably speak for a lot of the "old timers" when I say that we are leery of supporting a side project. A few years back, Famatech released their Communications Server. At the time, many of us felt that it was not worth the effort that was taken away from the main product and delayed the already slow development progress on the issues we felt still needed to be addressed.

I like your idea of a collaborative product, but personally I would rather see Famatech's time and effort go toward improving RAdmin and addressing long-standing complaints and/or feature requests (screen blanking, remote printing, server initiated and/or web-server based connections, and fixing the licensing disaster, just to name a few).

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