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Radmin registration/management server

Is Dmitry planning on building functionality where computers that have Radmin deployed can register themselves to some form of registration server. The IP address of a registration server could either be configured during install or even by way of a DHCP option.

From there an administrator can connect to the registration server and view the computers that are available for connection. A user could right-click on a registered computer and a context-menu would appear with the different actions that can be performed on that computer.

e.g.: connect (remote control/file xfer/telnet), shutdown/restart/log off user, start a chat session.

The types of information that an instance of Radmin can register with the server are:

* IP address
* Hostname
* Port
* Version of software and mirror driver
* Version and build of O/S
* Date installed
* Name of user logged into computer
* Current state of Radmin (eg: waiting for connection, connected with full screen or connected with file xfer, etc, etc)

This would make administration of large deployments of Radmin a breeze and would remove the need to manually create phonebooks.

Another idea would be the possibility of creating computer groups on the registration server where computers are dynamically added based on certain criteria such as subnet, pattern of ip address, workgroup or domain, type or version of O/S, etc.

Another idea could be that an administrator install their licenses on this server and computers running Radmin could use this server to obtain and activate their license.

Comments anyone?


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Edited: Chris Nicola - 25.08.2009 12:54:28
That's actually a pretty good idea. I haven't heard anything about plans towards this end, but then Famatech has never been particularly open about long-range plans ...

And naturally all administration would be performed through a MMC snap-in. :)

I wonder if anyone at Famatech ever reads the "Good Wishes" forum topic???
Yes we do. And we gather info from it for our future versions.
I really like this idea, and actually just made a recommendation on the feature-set just a couple of hours ago using the Feedback form on the website.

Honestly though, I would be happy enough if existing phone-book entries were automatically updated to reflect the current IP, as indicated by the server program loaded on the client machine...
It's a Very Good idea, and having it setup as as an MMC sanp-in, is even cooler :).

I add it to my wishes :)
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