Ability to switch command shells for Radmin Telnet


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Ability to switch command shells for Radmin Telnet, Looking to use Powershell vs. CMD

I'm an IT support user who joined a company about 6 months ago. They have used Radmin for years, and I have come to love it as a powerful remote desktop solution.

I love command line solutions. I come from a heavy *nix background, so if I can use a command line to do something I prefer it. Radmin's Telnet solution works fairly well for most uses. However, I can't switch shells to use Powershell, which is a much more powerful shell environment than the generic CMD, as when I try to launch Powershell the Telnet window hangs. Powershell has obvious scripting benefits, but is most powerful for my uses because of its ability to traverse UNC paths, which CMD can't do without mounting the network folder to a drive letter or folder.

Is there any way to have the Radmin Server's Telnet system invoke Powershell instead of CMD?
I am currently thinking about the same thing, though CMD is actually works for me.
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