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Radmin on iPad & Xoom, are you working on it ?

We are working on Radmin for Ipad it will be out soon.
Hello Anna,

I want to stay patient but we have been waiting years... i have to ask:
This year ? Which quarter ? Month ?
Is there something what you are waiting for ? New iOS version for example ?

Please, keep us informed, thank you ! :-)
Hello unyax,

Thank you for your loyalty!
We are aware that mobile version is highly required and that our users want it.
ETA isnít available yet, but we plan to release it shortly after Radmin 4.x release, which official ETA isnít available too, but I can suggest that it is 1-1.5 year
Hi Radmin. Just wondering how close the Ipad version is?
Thank you!
Eugene Idzikovsky wrote:
I think this year / 1st quarter of 2013

Any hope yet for an iOS version of Radmin still this year??

Maybe next year...
Hello FamousTech guys,

another year but still the same question: When ?

;) ;)
Maybe next year?
Hey Eugene the forum rules state
General rules
  1. Members must not deliberately post information that is false

  1. 1.
    perhaps; possibly.
    "maybe I won't go back"


  1. 1.
    a mere possibility or probability.
    "no ifs, buts, or maybes"
I can't wait anymore for an iOS version. I have recently directed all of my over 500 plus clients to use another platform that has been iOS capable for several years.

The ONLY reason why Famatech has not produced anything after all of these years is that they are simply lazy.......
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