How to change profile settings?


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How to change profile settings?

Sorry I'm posting this here... I don't know where else. My question is, how do I change my profiles settings as a forum member?

Where do I have to go to change password or e-mail settings for example?

I clicked the Profile button, but from there I can't see any link allowing me to edit it.

You can reset your password using the Lost Password link:

In order to change your Forum Profile settings (e.g.e-mail, username), please create a request at our Support Center:
1) I also wanted to verify that I had the correct email address in my forum profile but found no way to check or change it.

2) Furthermore, this was due to the fact that when I registered for the forum, it stated that an email would be sent to verify the account. I never received any email so I wanted to verify my email address.

3) I checked "Subscribe to New Posts in This Topic" and never received any email for them when they did indeed get a new post (1 topic did anyway).

4) Lastly, I have several email addresses and might like to move the forum

So there, in just one sign-up, I had 4 reasons to check my email on my profile and could not do it.

Basically, at this point, I am not going to send to the support center to check it. If it's in the database wrong, I guess I don't really care enough to work through it like that.

The login is done with a user-name, which is good, so the email address should just be a profile setting the user can change.

Hi, Jim. Any update on this problem?
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