Button to send audio to remote PC (no artificial chat for unattended PC)


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Button to send audio to remote PC (no artificial chat for unattended PC), Button to send audio to remote PC (no artificial chat for unattended PC)
Currently, reading the online help, it seems the only way to pipe the audio from the remote PC to the local PC is to use RA to setup an "audio chat" as if someone was sitting at the PC ( and had set it up).

This "chat style" arrangement probably works well for remote desk-side support type of work. In these cases, there is someone sitting in front of the remote PC and the person at the local PC (that initiated the session with the viewer) is interacting with them. I have used RA on my mother's computer.

However, what I use everyday, is remote access to my home PC from work. There is no one at home. I am interacting with no one. There should just be a single button that pipes the audio to the remote PC from any source to the local PC. Just hook anything headed for the sound card an redirect it. I suppose an option to mute or allow simultaneous playback at the remote PC would be a nice addition but not necessary (BUT NICE).

The audio session utility (window) could still be used for attended remote PC's.

Actually, when I upgraded to v3.x I did not even bother to test it first. I figured it was quite a leap with all of the documentation about the licensing change and various upgrade options. However, I was actually surprised to learn that it didn't redirect the audio with the simple click of a button. NOR did it have a button to "Minimize" directly from "Full Screen" (but that is for another thread). Somewhat disappointing.

I finally decided to create a login and request the feature.


Thank you for your feedback!

We plan to implement direct sound transfer in our next release.
This is great!

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