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Forum displays user full name instead of nickname, Unconventional, and no warning when signing up
Apologies for posting this here but there is NOT a "Forum feedback forum."

When we create our accounts, we are requested to put in our first and last name and a "nickname\user ID". Most forums do not disclose the user's actual first & last name. Instead, a typical forum displays the "nickname" of the user. Then, if the user wants to add their first and last name to a public profile, it is option for the user.

The RAdmin forum uses the users full name on the posts. Unfortunately, the RAdmin forum signup doesn't let you know that this forum will post your full name so that you could avoid it by putting some other text there instead.

Although, there is nothing of any consequence about disclosing the first & last names on the forum, it is obvious that it is of issue to some people. For example there are some posters where the first and last name has been filled in with text that is obviously NOT a name. My guess is they created an account, noticed that their full name is displayed on every post, and then created another account to remedy this issue.

The RAdmin forum does NOT let you change your first or last name. So, the only option it to create another account. I may do that myself.

So, it seems like the forum creates work RAdmin support for email addresses (see other thread), and repeated and\or abandoned accounts to avoid first & last name disclosure.

Not of this really amounts to big problem, but it is worth pointing out.

That is my feedback on the forum implementation.

Edited: Jim Cook - 18.11.2011 09:20:25 (Typo error, clarity improvement)
I may suggest that you can always choose to use a nickname or a pen name instead of using your own name if you really want to have a privacy. It's your choice.
Edited: Wally Lights - 01.10.2012 21:18:56
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