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Connect through host
Imagine the following situation:

You have 5 servers on your local domain and 5 customer servers on each customer's domain, which are connected to yours via VPN. So, you have 5 radmin connections to your servers and 5 connections to the customer servers. When you are on a customer's site and you wish to connect to your domain, you have to change all connections to your servers, to add "connect through" the customer's host and remove them when you return on your site. Not very convenient.

Suggestions (pick the best):

- A global "connect through" setting, which will automatically be used when the destination server cannot be found on the local network.
- Several "connect through" settings and radmin will decide which will automatically be used, based on whether the destination server's IP is within a predefined IP range.
- Several "connect through" settings (as above) but radmin will use them if your PC's IP is not within each setting's predefined IP range (so when you are on the customer's site and you wish to connect to a customer server, "connect through" will not be used).
- Instead of using folders as a top level of the tree in radmin, define sites and under them folders or local servers (to the site). Then, for each site, be able to define how you connect to all the other sites (define the "connect through" setting to use if you wish to connect to a server on each other site).

Any comments from other users or radmin personnel?
Edited: Nick A - 01.12.2011 02:49:01
We plan to implement a major overhaul of connection scheme in our next release. You will like it :)
Well, that's exciting. I hope we'll see something soon. I know there may be no point in asking but is there any time estimate?
Edited: Nick A - 02.12.2011 03:50:14
We do not have any ETAs yet.
This option enables you to connect through a host when there is no direct TCP/IP connection with the computer you want to administer, but an intermediate host computer has a direct TCP/IP connection to the target computer (gateways etc.). The Radmin Server must be running on both the intermediate host computer and the target computer.
This option enables you to connect through a host when there is no direct TCP/IP connection with the computer you want to administer

Yup, i know. :) We do have such situations with our clients, where everything is done via VPN connections, so there is no direct way to connect to our servers when we are on a client's site.
Edited: Nick A - 05.12.2011 04:41:27
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