File transfer resume support in next version?


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File transfer resume support in next version?
Would it be possible to include resume support for file transfers in the next version, to speed up large file transfers (esp. over slow-speed links)? For instance, dialog box pops up informing the user that a file with the same name exists at the destination, would they like to resume? (choices: resume/resume all/overwrite/overwrite all/skip/skip all -- or resume/overwrite/skip w/ "Do not ask me again" option).
Resume could be smarter than simply appending to the end of the destination file, of course .. instead of re-sending the file in chunks of 50,000 bytes, the client could instruct the server to construct some sort of authentication (CRC etc) based on that 50k chunk of the destination file, and send that to the client. The client does the same to the file it is sending, and if they match, it skips that chunk and performs the same operation on the next chunk until the file is either fully verified or fully completed .. this would be so much quicker than resending the file every time connection is interrupted. If differences are detected between source and destination files, user could always be informed and asked about the kind of action to be taken:
Destination is different to source? (choices: force update/skip/save as new name). Force update would not go back to the start and send again .. the same resuming technique could be used .. this would slightly slow tx operations where the destination file is completely different to the source, but would greatly speed transfers to, and updates of slightly corrupted files.
I only submit this as a detailed description of what I'm talking about .. any resume function would be appreciated .. I'm so impressed with the file compression techniques used that it seems a shame not to enable some sort of fast confirmation method .. maybe check (20) chunks at a time to reduce RTT effects on the transfers?Thanks!
This would be an awesome feature!
I agree, I has a bad experience with that recently.
This is a must have for the next version. Something closer to SFTP. Right now the beta does not show large files correctly, and it certainly doesn't resume them.

It would in fact be great.

For the time being, i resolved the question via Hamachi VPN tunneling:
I can explore the drives of the remote PC exactly as if they were part of the local machine, and thus copy and paste whatever i want, independantly of the size of the transferred file or directory, but this being of course slower then if the copy/paste operation had never leaved the local logical drives.
I agree that it would an extremely important issue to have a resume function in the next version. In our firm we have to use satellite modems with the connection that often stops. We would all use much much more r_admin if a file resume function would be available!
I believe that "file resume" option has been included in R_admin 3.0 named as "Delta copy Feature". If anyone tried I would appreciate if someone could confirm me that it works well since I would immediately move to R_admin 3.0 ( even considering the very annoying activation issue !!! :)
I've tried the "delta copy feature" of r_admin 3.0 and it works well !!

Thank you Famatech, finally some good news after waiting for such a long time.
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