Window Title different between "Full Control" and every other type


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Window Title different between "Full Control" and every other type
Have followed radmin the last few years through the upgrades and don't know why this has never been "fixed". If you full control onto a remote machine the "Name" of the connection appears on the window title bar. If you use any other connection it displays the IP address on the Window Bar instead. I sometimes connect to 5-10 machines simo. and half the windows are listed in "Names" and the other half addresses. Wish Radmin would pick one and stay with it. Hope this makes the cut in the next viewer release. Best wishes on 3.0 server.

We've included this suggestion into our Wishes list.

Best regards,
Ilia Demenkov
I agree, except all connections (including full control) now appear with whatever was entered into the ip address/dns name field.

This is a departure from the prior release where the "name of entry" was always used to identify the window.

This is a real pain as I, also, have multiple connections up at one time and can no longer easily identify which window is which as all are showing the ip address rather than the connection name. I would really like this to behave as in the past.
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