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Are there plans to introduce a version of RAdmin for OSX? At minium, is there a viewer tha can be installed?
There's no Radmin version for Mac OS. We are planning to develop Mac version of Remote Administrator, but now we are extremely busy with beta-testing of Radmin 3.0. The development of Mac version was not started yet. However, you can try running Radmin Viewer under Virtual PC or other Windows emulator for Mac. Radmin has 30-day trial period, so you won't need to buy it to test is you would be able to run Radmin under Windows emulator for Mac.

Best regards,
Ilia Demenkov
Is there any news on this one, regarding Radmin for Mac OSX?

Our total IT department is now on MAC, so this would be VERY handy!

Only viewer would be enough!
Same here. We badly need viewer for MAC. Can you please update us on status for this?
There is no Radmin version for Mac.
The workaround is still the same-run Radmin under Windows emulator for Mac.
I'm up on this too... we have a few IT personel. We need to provide them with Apple MAC viewers for the PC office computers. They are running MAC now because apparently VISTA is such a pain to work with. Also, MACs are gaining market share and can run dual systems. We are no longer purchasing straight PC systems. Please let us know when we can look forward to seeing the viewers. Thanks.
When can you Farmatech guys start working on a Mac viewer? We are waiting forever... Thanks a lot!
I would be willing to pay for the OSX version and spread the word to others.
Ditto... For the moment i am switching to a lesser product, Microsoft TS. As they have multiple clients..

The mac user base, specially among technical people is constantly growing.. Now there is critical amount. Look at the market share for macs.

Is there anyone from Famatech listening here?

Manuel E.
I'd like to add my support to this request too. A version for Mac (even just
a viewer to start with) would be fantastic.

Admittedly I've been running Radmin on macs under VMWare Fusion but obviously to do this you have to buy that product.

As VNC already [URL=]support Mac[/URL] it would be great to see Famatech follow suite.
I would like to add my vote for a MAC version of the Viewer at least for now.
I have many clients with MAC's that would befit from this.

I have had some success running Radmin under WINE for linux and I will try to see if I can run the viewer under WINE for the MAC.
I have tried to run Radmin 3.1 Viewer under MAC OS 10.5 Leopard with NO success.
I had to use the version of WINE for OSx made by Codeweavers, and unfortunately there is some security subsystem written into updated versions of Kernel32.dll and secur32.dll that are not compatible.

EAGERLY awaiting the day that an OSx version will become a possibility! WILLING to do BETA testing! :D
Add me to the list. I'm an IT guy and I've used Radmin alot. Its great product but I have several users that NEED!!! a mac viewer. I too would be more than happy to pay for an osx viewer. Please Please Pretty Please wake up and smell the mac coffee. With the advent of the intel chip in a mac IT guys everywhere are switching to the notebook that can live in both worlds. Unfortunately I would like to stay in the osx os but i have to swap over for radmin.

Well, the 3.0 had came, the 3.1 has already arrive, and MAC (now with Leopard!) users are still waiting...
At least a viewer, would be very well accepted to work as client...
Since this was first posted in Nov 2005 there hasn't been much response from Famatech. I have left messages on their sales line which never gets answered, just leave a message. I like the product even though sometimes it uses too much CPU and considering the amount of licenses I have I now have some people including me who bought the new Macbook AIR.

Having some way of using RAdmin viewer for the MAC would be a reason for me not to uninstall Remote Admin from all of my servers in favor of a product that is multi-os capable. It looks like Famatech has little interest or they would have responded more than 2 times in over 2 years.
Same here. A viewer application for OSX would be really helpful. Currently I'm running radmin viewer in Parallels on my Mac.
C'mon famatech... at least a radmin viewer for mac.

There is so much competition out there now, with support for multiple operating systems.

I've already switched to VNC. If nothing gets sorted soon, Radmin won't really be of any use to me.
Agree with Matthew. Radmin is fast becoming obsolete.

Folks you should give [URL=][/URL] a try.

Very small footprint, incredibly fast.

They are working on a server version for Mac but the viewer version already works for mac.

Great pricing model too
Our company too, would be very interested in a Mac viewer for RAdmin.

Please reconsider, Famatech.
I found that connector you were looking for
Cindy, is this the thing you were looking for?
It's on the list of computer accessories and parts. They have the DVI video thing to convert that jap monitor to work with your other computer. Just about any other kind of wire adaptor, usb connectors, monitor extension wires, ps2 extention wires, and all kinds of female and male swap connectors and things that I think would help your shop. If that above link don't work then goto and click on computer accessories. Let me know if that is what you need and give me your email address again.
so ... what's the deal ... planning it in 2005 ... nothing yet? no alpha even?
please ... fish or cut bait! :evil:
Hello? anybody?

Come on Famatech Last update in 2005? MAC viewer please, either say your not going to consider it or give a date for us to look forward to, its now 2010! Radmin is falling behind, either keep up or loose customers.

Constructive of course!

Radmin viewer works under Wine for Mac, Radmin server requires a fresh development from scratch, so far we not started development for Mac yet. So no ETA available.
I use a mac and only want to view connections with os x and not host using radmin server.

The best way to install radmin viewer is by using Cross Over for mac, the standard version is £25 and will allow you to install .exe files without hosting a bloaty OS such as windows etc.

I have installed it this evening and tested it and it works perfectly, i have the radmin icon pinned to the dock and it loads just like it does in windows!

you can get cross over from here:

hope this is of help.


I see these are old postings, but is the situation still the same with Radmin and Mac?
I did install Cross Over, but Radmin viewer is not on the list of supported (or unsupported) applications. How do I install it? I already have a licence.

What is Wine for Mac?

Thank you
Just copy Radmin viewer and use it. It actually doesn't need to be installed.
+1 right here.

I want to know does your software support Mac OS as well now?

Thanks! :?:
Radmin viewer works on emulators, Radmin server doesn't
Is there an update to this forum? Is there a Mac OSX compatible version of RAdmin available yet?
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