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Printing Through Connection, Can I print with Quickbooks on server, back to the viewing computer?
I have a question that I hope I can have answered.

I have a client that wants to be able to connect to his business network from his house, and use QuickBooks on the remote computer. Everything should work fine up to this point. Now, what he also wants to do is print (invoices, checks... anything) from Quickbooks on the server, back to the viewing computer. Is this possible?

I have seen questions close to this, but never this particular one. He said GoToMyPc will start printing, then stop and freeze the computer.

Thanks for any advice.

That is the main problem which come when u are using the Radmin but ithink the best solution is that when u was access business network from your house i think you know that we have the option os view and ful view. See if u are only trying to view the business system then you will not be able to do anything activites on the business system. But if u us the option of full view u will be able to do it without any problem.
And Talking about GoToMyPc that is also one of the worst remote software for home and business users. The problem u are facing is that i think your system is not accepting the software completlly. There must be some option where u have to look into so that when u try printing from GoToMyPc u system must be freezing. Just Uninstall the software and install it again.
Leo Info Tech.
If you want to print documents from a remote computer to the local printer, the easiest way to do it is to copy the document via Radmin's file transfer mode and then print it locally. If this is not possible, you'll need to share and map the local printer on the remote PC. It's only possible to print remotely on Microsoft networks. So, the Microsoft files and printer sharing service is employed as a possible solution.

To make it possible to print documents from a remote computer you can do the following:

a. Install (if not already installed) "File and printer Sharing" on your local machine. In Win2000 it can be set in Start->->Settings->Control panel->Network and Dial-up Connections->Local Area Connection. If there is no "File and printer Sharing" in the list, press "Install"->Service->Choose "File and printer Sharing", then press OK.

b. Open a Full Control session on the remote machine.

c. If Radmin is started there as a service, launch another instance of Radmin server as an application using another port (Start->Run->r_server /port:4000), make a second connection to the remote machine with the new port (4000), and continue to add a printer using the second connection—Press Start->Settings->Printers->Add Printer. Choose the printer attached to your local machine and press the OK button. If the server and client are on the same LAN, it should not be a problem. Otherwise, you can create a Virtual Private Network between the server and client so they will act the same way as computers on the same LAN.

Now documents sent to printing on the remote machine will be printed on your local machine.

Radmin Server 3.0 will have advanced printer mapping features.

Best regards,
Roman Makarov.

Technical Support.
I just downloaded and installed RAdmin 3.0. However I do not see anyway to print from the remote client (running 3.0 server). It does not seem any different then the 2.x RAdmin, which I hope is not the case. The ability to print from a remote host to a local printer is a big deal for many of my clients that use RAdmin.

For those who are looking for a way to print back to their local machine from a remote location, here's how I set it up for a client of mine - it's tested and doesn't cost anything. I'm writing this from a Windows perspective but since LPR printing is cross-platform, you should be able to make this work no matter what OS you're using.

On your local machine, follow the instructions at this web site to install a ghostscript printer and share it to the network on port 515 using Windows' support of "Unix Printing."

Remember that you'll also need to have an IP/hostname publicly accessible on the internet for your local machine; if you're behind a router with NAT, etc... there are instructions easily searchable to set up port forwarding for various routers.

Then, follow the instructions here (obviously using your own server and queue in place of the school's) to configure the machine running radmin server to see and print to your LPR printer. In this case, I had to set my client up with Vista support, but there are similar processes for other versions of Windows.

One trick that isn't listed there is that you should select a generic postscript-printer driver on the printing computer's end, not the driver for the actual printer it is printing to. This is covered in the instructions (above) for printing from OS X; I've found an Apple Postscript-capable printer or the HP LaserJet 4100 PS will do the trick.

Hope this helps someone.

Brad Jones
Denver, Colorado
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