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Hello everyone,

I'm a teacher with very smart students that are in some ways better with the computer then I am.
Some of them see this computer as a toy and are trying to wreck the computers (by deleting startup programs and windows boot files). And I want to check what they are doing and have a record of it without the install of serveral programs. So I can always check what there up to and not using my computers for personal stuff and recklessness.

My question is: why isn't there a build-in key logger in Radmin 3.0 and is there going to be one in the future?
Shmp idunno,
Radmin does not have keylogging functionality, since it is far beyond remote access tasks, and, more importantly, Radmin is not intended for spying anyone. You can use any free keylogger utility in combination with Radmin in your case.
Radmin won't have such a functionality in future.
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