How to remotely control Pc outside, through internet


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How to remotely control Pc outside, through internet
Hey there, I have couple question in regards how would I be able to remotely access my Pc from outside of the network. I have Radmin 3 installed on my desktop pc and Radmin Viewer installed on my Laptop, and they're both connected through Netgear WNR854T router. I just want to know how exactly would I be able to remotely access my pc with my laptop through internet when I'm outside. I was wondering if any of you would be able to guide me through the process setup. I'd really appreciate this.

Thanks in advance.

I was wondering is there anyone , who would be able to help me out about this matter, I'd greatly appreciate it..

Heya. There are two techy steps involved when you want to connect across the Internet to a PC that's behind a router.

First, you need to know the "external IP address" of your network. Many websites can automatically tell you this number; for example, see this page. The button on that page has your IP address in it.

Second, you will need to configure your router so that it accepts (rather than blocks) these incoming connections. Every router is configured differently, but can find a good resource about many models here.

Neither of those are very difficult, nor very easy. There are some software applications which help make it easier, such as EchoVNC, which is discussed a little bit here.

I hope this helps!

Thanks alot Scott, It worked. Before that I had to setup a static ip, which I've done it, then also did the port fowarding. Again thanks for the help. Appreciate it.

I had the same problem. Found some other info on the same issue on Internet but the trick was to enter the "external IP address" in Remote Viewer after configuring the port forwarding.

Thanks a lot for your help, Scott. It will be very useful for me, since I frequently need to contact my PC since my work.
I really appreciate it.
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I've got a slight variation on this problem, in that I'm trying to setup 2 different PCs using the same router with Radmin, so that I can potentially remotely access either over the internet.

They both will share the same external IP address, yet have different internal addresses.

How will Radmin know which PC I'm trying to access???

Heya. Yep, you've run into one of the most annoying problems with port-forwarding: what to do if more than one PC share the same external IP address?

Fortunately, EchoVNC doesn't care about IP addresses. :) When you "login" to the echoServer with EchoVNC, just give it the "connection name" you want to be reachable with. That should do it...

Hi Guys,

Targeting a pc behind a router is pretty straight forward. You can get the external ip address of the router from your pc by clicking on "Start" then "Run" and typing in "cmd" (or "command"). This brings up a black window, and if you type in "ipconfig/all", this will return quite a lot of info about your network, including the DNS Server address (may be more than 1).

You then use this address in Radmin to target the router, with port forwarding enabled in the router using an available port to point to the pc you want to access. There is a default port (is it 4889?), however you should be able to connect using other port(s), providing you use the same port in the router and Radmin Viewer.

If you have 2 pcs to target, then in the setup of port forwarding in the router you would use the internal ip address of 1 pc with a port (say 4889), and enable port forwarding for the 2nd pcs internal ip address using a second port. In Radmin Viewer, you then use the external ip address of the router, followed by the port you set up to point to the pc you want to access. You should be able to open 2 web browser windows, and access both pcs at once if you want.

I have downloaded a trial of this software as I like the look of it.

I have installed everything as above and completed the port forwarding on port 4899

The software works like a dream on a laptop connected to my home network. However, when I try to connect from a computer outside of my home network, I get the unable to connect to server message.

My next port of call was to download and install EchoVNC but the 'no visible online partners can be found' box error is there all of the time.

I am using XP.

Help please!!

Hello! On the PC running the RAdmin server (i.e., the PC you want to take remote control over), please be sure to select the "Allow EchoVNC to tunnel RAdmin connections" in the "Other Applications" tab of the EchoVNC server Properties screen. Otherwise, EchoVNC doesn't "know" that you want to do that. :)

Also, just checking: what happens when you click that button that says "Check this PC for a RAdmin service..."?

yep done all that.

When I click the button that says 'check this PC for Radmin serice...' I get a message something along the lines of 'Radmin is present and active'
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