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Port 4899
I think that Radmin users have to NEVER use the defaut port 4899, because several virus search specially this port of Radmin to connect and infect the computer.

So, it will be a good idea to advice the people, during the install Radmin, to use another port than the defaut one.
Well... by default FTP uses port 21, Telnet uses port 23, HTTP uses port 80 and 8080... and we all still use the defaults...

Everyone is more then welcome to change ports, but... if someone really wants to get into your computer, they will simply scan it and see what ports you have opened anyways.

Regardless, it's a matter of keeping your computer secure from attackers using anti-virus and firewall applications.

Also, not all users use Radmin to connect from internet sources. If you connect over a LAN, the default port is more-then-safe to use, since only people on your LAN will have access to it anyways.

"A locked door only keeps an honest person honest... If someone wants in, they'll get in"
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