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Radmin access using VPN, The dafault port works, any other port is too slow
I have a little bit of a mystery using radmin from work to access my computer at home.

The setting: The server is located at home behind a cable net router. The router is set to forward the connection to Radmin 3.2 server.

The viewer is in my computer at work. I have to use a VPN to connect to my University system, because the work network firewall blocks the majority of outgoing ports and is heavily monitored.

If Radmin is listening to the default port 4899, the connection for full remote control works just fine.

I tried to set up Radmin server to listen to a different port, for instance 7987. I made sure that the router port forwarding is correctly setup.

When I try to connect using this port,trough the VPN connection, the full remote control connects, but is way too slow Same with a view only connection. File exchange and telnet work just fine.

If I try to connect from a different network, lets say from a hotel room network, the full remote control connection works just fine via port 4899 or 7987.

Who is guilty?
Why certain ports appear to work slowly over the VPN??

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