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Windows Security, How to configure?
I've just bought Radmin, and it is great- suits our needs (almost) perfectly.

Almost perfect because I can not figure out how to configure windows security.

I have created Radmin Users with varying levels of security / privileges in Server 2003. For example - "Manager" that has admin privileges, and "Salesman" that has user privileges and restricted access to files.

My problem is that once logged on, the Salesman is assuming the identity of whomever is logged on physically at the server when he connects remotely. If Salesman connects while an admin is logged in, he gets the Admin privileges, and access to files that he shouldn't.

How can I control this - so that the remote user gets only the privileges associated with their own identity / login?

Thanks in advance for any help!
Edited: Robin Sharpe - 28.04.2009 11:36:37
Any admins / developers out there???

I don't know too much about the Radmin security mechanism, but it seems that Radmin security is _only_ a mechanism to allow you to authenticate a connection to Radmin Server on the remote machine. I don't think there's any functional authorisation involved once you're authenticated.

So I think that using Radmin Windows security simply allows you to authenticate your machine access using a Windows user on the remote machine. Once you have (for example) a Radmin in Full Control session then the user rights on that remote machine have no bearing on what you are authorised to do in within the Radmin session.

Furthermore, as you have discovered, the Radmin session simply gives you a view of the current desktop; effectively sharing a session with any currently logged on user. It does not give you a separate session on the remote machine.

So in your scenario it sounds like you need to carefully manage your access. You would have one user connecting at a time and have them log off afterwards. That way another user can connect (regardless of whether Radmin Server is configured with Radmin security or Windows security) and then log on to the PC with their own Windows credentials.

There have been a few threads an here recently about limiting the number of concurrent Radmin users ... but I think it's "watch this space" on that one ... see this thread ...
Edited: Paul B - 30.04.2009 08:13:25
Very well put, Paul.

I would further suggest to Robin that, if managing "one at a time" login times like that is not sufficient for your purposes, you may want to consider setting up Terminal Services as an alternative.

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