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I'd like to be able be able to see the machines users are connecting to when they connect through a host.

At present the redirect connection on the server just shows that use user has gone through there but does not show the destination resulting in the requirement to look at remote machines to attempt to establish this.

<2440> RServer3 2009.05.01 08:43 x.y.z.a (amachines\Auser): Password is incorrect or error occurs
<2440> RServer3 2009.05.01 08:43 x.y.z.a connection closed
<1980> RServer3 2009.05.01 08:43 Connection from x.y.z.a (domain\username): Redirect connection
<1096> RServer3 2009.05.01 08:43 amachine (x.y.z.a) connection close

That's a good idea, Charles.

You might want to repost this in the Good Wishes forum, which seems to do double duty as a Feature Request forum, here:

You should read some of the other threads there, and be prepared for the fact that Famatech's developmental speed is rather glacial; so you're unlikely to see this feature anytime soon. (There's hope for it in the long run, though.)

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