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Logging, Is there a way a Admin can monitor who connects to what machine (centralized)
One of our requirements for a remote control solution is to be able to monitor who logs into what machine. This needs to be centralized on a server so we do not have to look at every machine a tech uses of logs into to look at the log event.
Does Radmin have the capability?

No I dont think Radmin has this type of ability, but then, why would it, it's a remote administration software, not inventory or asset tracking software. A simple script set to run at startup through group policy can keep track of who is logging into what PC's. We have one set up to create a text file with users login name and PC name in the filename. The file itself contains the contents of a DIR of C:\ just for other torubleshooting purposes, or to see if certain files that are supposed to be there are there.

The files are written to a folder accessable by anyone in IT, and actually by anyone in the company (so if anyone in the IT dept is sitting at a users workstation and needs to access this information, they do not need to log off and log in as themselves).
In the config or Radmin Server you can set a path to create log files in a network folder. The files a are named aftger ther computer name of the pc being controled. The logs so you when a pc was connected to and by what IP address the Radmin viewer was used on. Famatech states the next up grade will allow for User ID (either AD or Set radmin permission) to be loged to the files so you can determine the exact user not just the machine that it was controled from. This is at least the way we handle this.
Stacey Cline
So basically, even with all that useful information, the answer is still no, it cant track and log WHO is using what machine. Though that is great news that you will be able to do it in a future release, thanks Stacey. I know 3.4 was semi recent, is there a projected date for the next release?
Thanks you all for the help and information.
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