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I work for an Engineering company that uses Radmin to monitor PC's in the out on oil rigs. Due to bad signal strength on the server side we find ourselves having to re-connect all the time to dropped PC's. We monitor alot of PC's 24/7 and we find this occupies alot of our time. Just curious if you know of a tool that can ping out to an IP(s) and if its there establish a connection but also at the same time not establish one if there is one already one created. Some sort of auto connect script of some sort I guess. I have limited programming experience otherwise i would attempt this myself.

Let me know what you figure,


We do not have such tool, but I can recommend AutoIt script language for creating such a thing.
You might want to consider making a Terminal Services (i.e. Remote Desktop Connection) to a PC or Server, and then establish RAdmin connections from that one machine to the other PC's. You'll save a bit on bandwidth requirements over the WAN link, and TS/RDC is pretty good about maintaining/reestablishing troublesome links.

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